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The Acting FBI Director has been with the Bureau 21 years.  Can he be trusted,  – or is this Democrat lawyer part of the Cover-Up Swamp? In 2015 his wife – Doctor Jill McCabe ran for the Virginia State Senate.  Her campaign funding begets a few questions….as does Andy’s level of participation.

The FBI Has BLOWN IT – Again…

September 21st, 2016

Three people who plotted and conspired to do great, – lethal harm,  to the American people;  – EACH investigated by the FBI,…and EACH TURNED LOOSE to commit their evil acts. When Trump becomes President,  he’ll need to rebuild our FBI with REAL investigators, – and dump the politically correct bumbling asswipes.

Yesterday a casual joke by Trump quickly became the DEMOCRAT PARTY’S STORY-OF-THE-DAY,  as Democrats ignored their own two (2) email scandals, – and accused Trump of espionage and treason.  Their Pavlovian media played right along. I don’t think even Trump – a master showman – could have guessed they were that stupid or tone-deaf.  Or,….that […]

You have betrayed the trust placed in you on a level worse than spy Robert Hanssen. On this terrible morning America needs an effective and credible FBI working to help the Dallas Police Department,  – but under your leadership the Bureau is neither effective or credible. You’ve turned it into a bad joke!

They ~ may ~ have tried to determine if foreign powers learned secrets;  but Comey’s testimony this morning proves they NEVER intended to prosecute Hillary. No wonder she’s been so cocky all along….

Nations and civilizations never remain static. They either grow, prosper, and get stronger,…or they begin to wither, fade, and are eventually overrun. We were made weaker yesterday,  – by the very people entrusted to keep us free, proud, righteous, and strong. “…establish Justice…”  Our Founders were perfectly clear on that point.  What have these toadies […]

They found her CARELESS,  – but not criminal…. “Security culture at the State Department was LACKING!” Now only the VOTERS can issue JUSTICE!

She is supposed to be the People’s Attorney,  – guarding us from the corruptions and evils of monopolies and over-reaching government agencies and officials,  – looking out for the little guy and the voiceless.  Not Loretta!  Her abuse of POWER this week is mind-numbing.  She’s got her hand out! On Monday Lynch held a private […]

Funny things happen at the State Department when Obama is out of the country,  – some folks suddenly find their patriotism…. Imagine that this ‘finding’ took a full 3½ YEARS!

“Professional Ethics be DAMNED!”  Looks like Eric Holder wants President Hillary to appoint him to the Supreme Court. He hosting a 90-minute NY City fundraiser “Lawyers for Hillary” on Tuesday, May 31st….despite an ongoing FBI investigation…