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44 long years in government – and Ed “the Ice Cream Man” (aka “Dilbert”) has absolutely NOTHING to show for those 44 years.  NOTHING! Well, except for his mansion in Chevy Chase….   Suddenly Markey has discovered how lousy government medicine is.  He demands an investigation of the Boston VA Hospital.  Remember, – this do-nothing genius […]

There are days here Folks,…that the level of pure liberal bullshit droppings is so deep you can hardly walk out of the house! These LibTurd fools have so many conflicting causes I often wonder what their dinner conversations are like.  No wonder they’re raising so many drug addicted and suicidal kids….for whom they insist on […]

Walking Eagle – Bird So Full of Shit Cannot Fly – have vision – see old white Medicine Man back in Kingdom of Vermont;  him lick’em wounds.  Her now make Treaty with Evil White Queen with Forked Tongue,  – suck up heap big time. Reached in his Chevy Chase home,  Senator Markey expressed surprise that […]

Kerry and Obama about to grant VISA WAVERS to Iranians? At least that inept fool Jimmy Carter had enough honor to try getting our hostages back; – Kerry and Obama are leaving them there to rot…. Somewhere in Switzerland – huge fortunes are changing hands – and Kerry’s kids and Obama’s kids will live lives of […]

Maryland’s third US Senator – the “Ice Cream Man” – aka Boston’s Ed Markey – was in full ranting form Tuesday against the feared and hated climate change deniers. Thank GOD Mark Steyn has the balls to talk back to the ignorant pompous babbling fool.  It was the only entertainment in an otherwise very long […]

Markey And The Squaw

September 16th, 2014

In times of crisis, – like the onset of war, isn’t it wonderful to have wise, seasoned leaders in Congress, – to make sure the pResident doesn’t blunder his way into WW III? MassHoles must be so glad they voted these proven war wizards into office…

Meet The Monster – Cucuy

April 26th, 2014

Meet Jose Guillermo Molina known in his Houston, Texas hood as “Cucuy” – the Monster. He lives next door to this lady – may have wanted sex with her, – and when she wouldn’t open her door, – he grabbed her 3-yr old son playing outside and stabbed him in the neck – 3 times. […]

Ed Markey – Lifelong Fool

April 23rd, 2014

Ed wants Congress to ban “Hate Speech”.   After 41 years on our payroll, he still can’t define it [nobody can], – but he wants Congress to create an agency to regulate it. What’s this really all about? After 41 years of standing quietly in the back of the crowd, Ed is suddenly feeling the need […]

Maryland’s third US Senator was here yesterday making a ‘grand announcement’ about a new ‘gun safety’ bill.  David Hitch captured the ‘essence‘ of the moment. This 40+ year non-essential government worker is up for re-election this November.  So far, at least one (1) worthy Republican has announced.

It will be ugly!  The Dems are determined to hold onto the seat that Markey slept in for 37 years. The unions will be out in force – along with Planned Parenthood,  Emily’s List,  and all the left-over Acorn socialists. Frank is a great candidate,  and anybody who respects the US Constitution should break ranks […]