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Found hanging from a bed sheet….did the “BIG MAN” return from his Not Guilty verdicts bragging,…and thus anger fellow prisoners…? Doesn’t matter,…this cowardly self-obsessed serial killer is finally DEAD, our taxpayer expense has ended.

2016: We Lost Too Many Cops!

January 2nd, 2017

We need a national consensus on the Death Penalty for cop killers! If you think of them EVERY TIME you see a cop – then they’re not really dead yet…

Neither our Bible nor our Constitution were written to be suicide pacts,  but liberals have used both to weaken us. It’s way past time to wake up and smell the jihad. Despite fear of the Kraken,  Columbus sailed west specifically because sailing east meant near-certain death at Muslim hands.   524 years later,…damned little has changed. […]

And Texas juries aren’t shy about imposing it! Cop-Killer Otis Tyrone McKane has about 18 months to live…. Captured the day after his ambush killing of San Antonio Police Officer Ben Marconi,  Otis said “…he was upset about a child custody issue…”…


November 18th, 2016

Three young Black men target an off-campus apartment during the Super Bowl – looking for drugs and cash.  One of them shoots 18-year old freshman Nick Massa – killing him on the spot. On Wednesday,  the leader and shooter – 19-year old Damantae Graham heard the jury’s decision and the Judge say “Lethal Injection”.   Don’t […]

2 Cops Murdered In Des Moines

November 2nd, 2016

“Bullet-riddled cruisers!”  In the early minutes of this morning – in the dark of night – two cops have been ambushed and murdered – at two locations – in Des Moines Iowa. There are almost no details.  The first officer may have been drawn to the area outside Urbandale High School by a false report […]

They were on the lam for 5 days, but captured in Virginia; – Joshua A. Hart age 23 and his girlfriend Brittany E. Smith age 27,  ran out of time, money, and freedom in Rockbridge County along Interstate 81. Now they have to decide which one will get the murder rap,  – and which will […]

Liberals on Beacon Hill will barely notice.  When a cop is murdered, – we all die a little.  But our liberal judges and left-wing politicians keep treating violent career criminals as ‘victims of an uncaring society’. Every state needs at a minimum to reinstate the DEATH PENALTY for shooting or stabbing cops,  firemen,  corrections officers,  […]

WHEN are employment matters and employee criminal behavior supposed to be kept PRIVATE;  – and when do parents have a RIGHT to know? How about when the Dean of Students is removed in handcuffs?

Amazing!   Just watched MSNBC moderators Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow do a far better job on the Sanders-Clinton debate than Fox’s Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly did on theirs. Sure looked like big parts of the evening and the questions were choreographed,  – including the VP questions at the end….but this event was an actual […]