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The Swamp Will Not Be Silent!

January 1st, 2018

He is the most arrogant of men – both a dirty cop and a cover-up artist,  – so are we surprised at his arrogant New Year’s Eve tweet – for ‘more ethical leadership’? The man who continued Robert Mueller’s cover-ups of Fast&Furious, Benghazi, UraniumOne, and then covered up Hillary’s email scandal, and the fake golden […]

The level of Treason and the brazen arrogance of these three Traitors might boggle the minds of our Founding Fathers,  – that men so highly placed and so totally trusted with our National Security and Law Enforcement, – would have violated their Oaths and sold out to the likes of the Clintons and Obama. But […]

All these years, since Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas – he’s been “Teflon Bill” the untouchable serial predator. FINALLY, – it took someone with real guts to tell the truth – to put the actual word out there for the non-thinking public to hear,…and ~ maybe ~ start thinking about… short clip below […]

And Now MoonBeam Makes Five

July 21st, 2014

The party of cradle-to-grave government dependency, [aka the Bumbling Lying Buffoons who can’t get anything right – including their cover-stories…] is already searching for their 2016 Standard Bearer. Today Drudge speculated that 2-time California Governor MoonBeam is in the hunt. All together, there isn’t a shred of honor or American Patriotism or respect for our […]

Another of Deval Patrick’s many disposable children. Deval Patrick expects to run for president;  Martha Coakley is running for governor, and Jeremiah Oliver stopped running last September…. His body was found on Good Friday – wrapped in a blanket, stuffed into a suitcase, and discarded 40 feet off Interstate 190 in Sterling, Mass. As we await […]

Governor Duh-val Patrick now shares Obama’s WEBSITE WOES! And he’s got the SAME SOLUTION…. 

For America’s low-information Honey Boo-Boo voters….i.e. Average Democrats… Revisionist History at work: – NBC orders a 4-hour Hillary Clinton mini-series. It will star Diane Lane.   An actor to play Bubba has not yet been picked.  Gee, he’s available, he’s a great actor,…maybe he could play himself?

Tiny Tim Quits LtGov Job

May 22nd, 2013

Constitutional crisis:  who will Deval appoint to replace ‘Crash‘ Murray?

No Liars In 2016!

May 9th, 2013

Huck Fillary 2016! This cold-blooded [w]itch cannot be more arrogant – accepting an AWARD for ‘Public Service’ the same night as the Benghazi whistle-blowers testify about her callous incompetence and strong-arm cover-up tactics.

…and these questions will NEVER go away… What the #uck were you doing during those 7 long hours the attack was going on? When exactly did you learn of the attack, and who told you? Why was no rescue attempt launched?