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…and fails at it wonderfully. I hope this guy keeps it up for the next two years. It reminds me of a saying: “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” I pray that he gets himself a payloader instead of a shovel. Remarks like: “Invest in Education”, “Invest in High-Speed Rail”, “Invest in […]

Speaking for himself… and showing off the new form, which he designed himself, the president, today announced the final brick in the wall of socialism he’s been erecting since he came into office 18 long months ago.  The president considers this just another in the “buck stops here” program.  Unfortunately for most Americans, they didn’t […]

Yes, folks, the headline is correct. Concord, MA, in an effort to “save the only planet we have” has banned the sale of water bottles in the town. I’m sure that this is all it will take to save us (wait, isn’t Obama supposed to save us?) So, starting in 2011, it will be illegal […]

Good Sunday Morning Americans! “Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones – an admitted radical communist – has resigned from Obama’s White House under the weight of public pressure! This is a HUGE victory for what has been a lone brave voice – Glenn Beck of Fox News.  It is an even bigger victory for the American […]