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Whether this young man has maturity problems,  – is a die-hard commie,  – or has mental deficiencies,  – I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about him.   But for the moment,  – at least he’s OUT of our Army! He is emblematic of how bad our military got under Obama,  – where our need for […]

JFK picked known crook Lyndon Johnson to secure southern votes.   Carter picked Mondale for matching ideology;  Reagan picked GW to unite the GOP;  Bubba picked Gore to cover his own draft-dodging,  and Obama picked Biden as life insurance. Since Creepy Clown Timmy isn’t drawing crowds,  why’d Hillary pick him?

Or maybe,…it’s those evil coal-fired power plants…?

Thanks a friggin’ lot Vermont  – for continually re-electing this crazy left-over 1960s hippie commie….to the point where millennials now take his ranting seriously. If he could win the Democratic nomination he’d probably like to chose kindred spirit – Senator Squaw [Lizzy Warren] as his running mate.  But if Hillary can avoid federal prosecution and […]

One of the Commies amongst us – Congressman Joe Garcia D-FL 26th, explains why he believes Communism is the way to go… So much for the validity of his oath to our Constitution. He’s not a Democrat, – he’s a TraitorcRat! There are lots like him in Congress – and the White House.

All About The Kids Steve?

October 10th, 2013

Imagine,  the once-mighty United Steelworkers reduced to organizing school bus drivers.  Tuesday Local 8751 pulled a wildcat strike in Boston led by Steve Kirschbaum.  A few diehards were still at it this morning – trying to block drivers from moving their buses. Steve is the face of 1950s – 60s world communism – still agitating and race-baiting […]

Here’s a link to a video by Trevor Loudon.  He’s a researcher from New Zealand who’s done extensive research about Obama’s communist (not just socialist) ties. In addition, look at it yourself… right here…  you will be amazed.  So, take the link above… and do all of the items in the list below.  It’s […]

Dreams From My REAL Father

September 5th, 2012

This should give you a bad feeling…and make you take action! To understand why you may not have heard anything about this movie – watch the next video featuring Joel Gilbert’s address to the National Press Club.

I was at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School on Tuesday evening to present a scholarship to a graduating senior.  We award this scholarship each year in the amount of $2,000.  While I was waiting for my turn (> $300,000 was awarded to over 200 students) I looked around and noticed all the bright shining faces of […]