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So you bought a Prius to save the planet?  And maybe just a little to show off how environmentally conscientious you are…? Sorry,  but down in the Java Sea – you’ve just been checkmated!

Global Warming For MoonBats!

February 27th, 2010

See if you can get any of your MoonBat friends [yes we know you have MoonBat friends] to watch this video!  Please try – it’s for their own good.  They need to grow up now. We know sadly that some folks will go to their graves believing they were killing polar bears with every breath they […]

Clearly angered by Obama’s continued refusal to back off his “man-made global warming” hype,  Mother Nature bitch-slapped our First Socialist President for the second time in five days, – again shutting down the Nation’s capitol and much of the East Coast under a second heavy blanket of snow. “Obama?  He just pisses me off!” said […]