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A Bad Weekend For CNN

June 5th, 2017

First they get caught on video staging a street event in London – supposedly with “Peace-Loving Muslims”,… – then one of their Muslim hosts calls our President “This piece of shit…”.

Suddenly,…all these years later,  CNN allows him to say that Democrats LIED to get it through Congress? Mendacious is a big word to slide past the viewing public.

The pucker factor* at the Left-Wing Media outlets must be at 9.5 and closing.  Will they start patting down newsroom employees? * At 10.0 your asshole puckers totally shut and you shit yourself to death internally.

9 minute video below the fold:

During the first years of Trump’s presidency,…we should be braced to see the depths of depravity the left wing cartel will sink to disparage and discredit him. CNN’s Chuck Todd just baited Congressman John Lewis into an unfortunate statement,  – a cunning move on the eve of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.

At least since the Kennedy administration, the media has been able to push and bully American presidents with the implied threat of A BAD STORY. Now it’s a whole new ballgame!   Trump has figured out how to reach Americans – and the rest of the world – by going around the media.   In trying to destroy […]

There is a Donald Trump Story the Left-Wing Media is itching to run with – should Trump slip and say even one wrong word… “ROUNDUPS!”  “Mass DEPORTATIONS of Mexicans!”   Even bloviating Bill O’Reilly on Fox last night was trying to trick Trump into saying the words…

What,  – you thought CNN was still a NEWS network?   Silly you!   Most reporters these days have no historical frame of reference. But here 35-yr old Brianna Keilar is doing a commendable job of relating the relevance of Hillary’s anti-cop campaign remarks to her previous harsh anti-crime [read anti-black] positions in the 1990s,…when CNN abruptly […]

The Republicans walked into a set-up…..

The young always have ‘all the answers’. A young Jeb Bush intern attempts some Dick Tuck skulduggery – only to be outed by Breitbart,… … – but not before CNN gleefully bought it and ran with it!