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The left-wing media will call this “chaos”;  – but I think Trump knows what he’s doing.

The so-called “Smartest Woman in the World” was so stupid,  so evil,  and so desperate that she paid some sleaze-masters for DIRT on Trump…. And the best they could manufacture was a ‘Golden Showers’ lie…. So they went with it – and Comey and Brennan BELIEVED IT,  – and never checked!

The Australian troublemaker recently compared himself to Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Dwight Eisenhower…. CIA Director Mike Pompeo calls him out – as a narcissist,  backed by Russia.  Eight minutes of the bluntest talk you’ve ever heard…

Obama appointed a dunce,  and we have all been at risk. The same CIA that reported Russia had leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks – bit hard on a hoax of Trump being involved in sex orgies and golden showers.   And with a straight face – they briefed Trump on what the Russians “had on […]

Trump’s first three picks to help him run the country – and set it straight again,  – send a very clear signal:  that wasn’t just ‘campaign rhetoric’,   – he really means business! He is showing a clear determination to take on the two major threats to our way of life – illegal immigration and ISIS.  […]

By a so-far mysterious teenager?     Yeah! When Brennan was appointed Director-CIA,  I knew instantly that Obama had no intention of keeping America safe.  To put this doofus slug in charge of our premier spy agency – charged with collecting and analyzing information from the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, or the Far East; – – […]

Major Nick Rowe was a living legend, walking quietly among the hundreds of student officers in Building 4 at Benning in ’73.  Almost everyone in Infantry Officer Advanced Course was a combat veteran – many with multiple tours and hair-raising tales – if they told them. Like Nick, most didn’t, – because there was always […]

Just one (1) week after being named White House National Security Advisor – former paid professional liar Susan Rice has forced CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell to ‘retire‘ – ending his 33 year career. He knows too much.  He’ll likely be Obamacided.

Hall Pass For John Brennan?

February 7th, 2013

Will Gun-Grabbing Senator Dianne Feinstein grill this lifetime bumbling fool and proven liar – or will the Senate Select Committee issue Johnny a hall pass to become CIA Chief? He’ll be on the hot seat at 2:30 today.  He’s got questions to answer about Benghazi, about al Qaeda, about the drone program, and about his […]

Another 4-Star Scandal

November 9th, 2012

Roosevelt had Lucy Mercer, Eisenhower had Kay Sommersby, JFK had Monroe, Judith Exner and Mimi Alford, and Bubba had Monica – and a dozen more… Now General David Petreaus steps down – caught in the old Venus Flytrap… Bad timing David.  His wife Holly works for that damned Consumer Finance Protection Bureau…  Somehow this will […]