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Barely a year after having the Traitor Obama commute his/her 35-year sentence for TREASON,   Chelsea Manning paid the $290.oo fee to run for the US Senate as a Democrat,  – to face 74 year old Ben Cardin in the June 26th Primary. He/she’s running as a Democrat!  OF COURSE!   Where ELSE would a transgender […]

As layer-after-layer of this story peels away, – we are left with ‘the smartest woman in the world’ permitting a four-year security breach as big as Snowden or Bradley Manning. MX Logic is a private email filtering service. They had total access to everything she sent and received. We court-martialed Manning for giving away her […]

Sex Change Hormones For A Traitor

February 13th, 2015

In this Brave New Obama World,  WikiLeaks Traitor Bradley Manning, – serving 35 years for treason at Leavenworth, – will start getting sex-change hormones. Bradley became Chelsea Elizabeth Manning last April – by court order. Now the Army [we taxpayers] has to pay for Chelsea’s hormone therapy, – so ‘she’ can complete her transition to […]

“…an awareness of wrongdoing…” A young patriot of unusual courage, …a fool,…or a traitor? 29-year old Edward Snowden sits in Hong Kong – and he’s just turned Obama’s world upside down.

A Rough Weekend For Hillary

March 14th, 2011

Another high-profile Progressive bites his tongue, then bites the dust. Philip J. “P J” Crowley, Massachusetts native, Holy Cross grad, retired USAF Colonel, White House lackey during the Clinton era, frequent suck-up guest on Lehrer News Hour, Keith Olbermann’s Countdown, Chris Matthews’ Hardball, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, and others, – – supposedly an expert […]

FLASHBACK:  Sunday, June 13, 1971:  The NY Times [who else?] publishes the first of 15 excerpts and summaries of the “Pentagon Papers”. These were some 7000 secretly copied Above-Top-Secret analysis of America’s military decision-making and military policy during the Vietnam War.  The trusted guy who turned them over was former US Marine lieutenant and trusted […]