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Carlos Slim Bails On The NY Times

December 19th, 2017

Managed to sell the Globe to John Henry – now he’s sliding out the back door.

I’m going to venture a guess that trying to work at a Left-Wing Propaganda Mill,  – with the owner’s wife constantly “suggesting” editorial slants to stories,  – was enough to make any sane man look for greener pastures. John Henry (who also owns the Boston Red Sox) bought the failing left-wing rag from the failing […]

“This negro pity party is getting old.” Maybe the most powerful 90 seconds of 2016!

Globe’s FAKE NEWS STORY as pathetic as it gets;  – John Henry has just shouted “FIRE!” in a crowed theater… It’s been a worthless crock for decades;  – so bad a rag the New York Times sold it for just the real estate value to Boston’s MoonBat Red Sox owner John Henry.   Now Henry proves […]

How on earth could she be more out-of-touch…? On a night when Trump fills the DCU Center – Kirsten Hughes – our [fake] Republican State Party Chair – is interviewed by The Boston Globe [her favorite left-wing rag] – and responds as if she’s just spent 6 months on the Space Station. The state GOP’s […]

Just 10 Days To First Oops?

November 15th, 2014

Charlie Baker’s Transition Team suffers first casualty; – Globe collects first scalp! Suffolk Univ Law Professor Richard L. Taylor may be a great guy, and a great manager. But in picking him for his transition team, Charlie overlooked a basic management step himself; – running a background check. So of course the Globe

He turned around a storied baseball team, filled the seats, and brought 2 World Series Titles to Boston.  Can John Henry turn his $70 Million investment in this über-liberal rag into a REAL newspaper, – or will he merely sell the empty building for a profit?            Either way, there are going to be some liberals looking […]

Bankrupt, circulation shrinking, ad revenue plummeting, and on the auction block, – the ever-liberal Boston Globe turns on one of it’s first-born children. Ideologically, Ed Markey is the Globe’s dream candidate, – a man with no inner core, eager to vote for every hair-brained scheme and every tax increase.  But now…they need to sell newspapers,

For their entire lives the liberal crew of the Boston Globe have been PAID to be Liberal. Now the NY Times – itself bankrupt – is fixing to sell this money-losing swampland to – whoever wants it.  Rupert Murdock might want it.  So might al Jazeera – who just paid mega-millions for Al Gore’s Current […]

Our brave new world – where a snooty Harvard professor [Democrat/female] can make snide sexist remarks, but a sitting US Senator [Republican/male] gets pilloried for retorting. The question that began this back-and-forth was a designer set-up at Tuesday’s debate: “Scott Brown earned his way through college in part by posing for Cosmopolitan. How did you […]