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Giving the Keynote Speech at the Detroit NAACP dinner,  the Cherokee Squaw (Senator Warren) blamed America’s Police for making Black citizens afraid. Stupid and uninformed people will believe her;  but if you know the facts,  – you know that she delivered a 30-minute diatribe of lies.

We know you can multiply Antonio;  – 12 kids so far by 8 different baby-mommas;…and you owe $336,000 in back child support… So tell us Dumbass,  – how you gonna’ pay,  – when the Colts just let you go for disrespecting our Nation Anthem – in LONDON!

If our First Black Governor and our First Black President were elected in part to finally heal our lingering racial wounds,….it sure didn’t work here in Massachusetts! Here 8 years of Deval Patrick’s reverse racism made things worse,  – just as Obama has across the nation.

Right under Obama’s approving nose they block streets and sidewalks in Washington DC on Wednesday. Police Chief tells cops to “…stand down – arrest nobody”.

A well-done video which you should watch – and share! Still buying their cover story about a desert tortoise?

How bad science and bad politics put another nail in Obama’s coffin. Yes, – your government lied to you!   Believing this range war nearly started over an “endangered tortoise” – or over unpaid grazing fees, – would be like believing that Obama cares about your medical bills – or that ObamaCare is a wonderfully clever […]

I see Horse Marines and some Ladies too.  Part of the Patriot Force that backed down the BLM – at least for the moment. I’m guessing that nervous House and Senate Democrats didn’t want to have to campaign with fresh blood in the sand. And THIS Folks – is exactly and precisely why our founders […]

Echos Of Ruby Ridge And Waco

April 10th, 2014

There’s nothing quite like a team of government snipers on your ridgeline to validate the worst fears of Freedom-Loving Americans. There is a 30+ year long dispute out west – in Bunkerville, Nevada – over grazing rights on “federal land”.   One of the biggest issues is how the federal government got the land in the […]