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Decapitates 35-yr old mother,  dials 911,  steps out with her head in one hand,  butcher knife in the other.  Two baby sisters inside. Between ISIS,  MS-13,  and the Mexican Drug Cartels,…this kind of thing has become more common across our land.  Watch who your kids are associating with.  This could quickly become “a thing” with […]

Surely somebody’s feverish left-wing zeal overcame both common sense and their mother’s upbringing…? Did Wonkette discuss their art work and t-shirt sale plans with the families of James Foley,  Steven Sotloff,  Drummer Rigby,  or Colleen Hufford?

Two attack American-owned Air Products industrial gas plant in Saint Quentin-Fallavier – east of Lyon, France.   Explosives tossed,  one employee beheaded,  his head covered with ‘Arabic writing’ and hung on a fence.  You ~ think ~ they’re sending a ‘message’? First reports fuzzy; ~ maybe one good dead, ~ maybe one ‘arrested’, – no word […]

Or ‘Oklahoma murder suspect’ Alton Nolen? Bill Whittle does a nice job of discussing how the ‘media’ is suppressing the whole truth to keep the liberal agenda intact – along with the corrupt politicians who [like Obama and Deval Patrick] are furthering that agenda – while trampling your rights and endangering your lives.  Do you […]

Oops! Sorry! No Virgins For You!

November 15th, 2013

A perfect example of why the US should STAY OUT of the Syrian mess:  members of the ISIL behead a ‘captive’ – only to find out he was actually a commander in their allied terrorist group – the Ahrar al-Sham. Mohammed Fares, – sorry Bub, – nobody here is going to miss you.

Syrian ‘rebels’ – i.e. Islamic terrorists – are videotaped beheading three men – including Catholic priest François Murad last Sunday June 23rd, – in the northern Syrian village of Gassanieh. CAUTION: This video is as brutal and graphic as it gets. It shows the end Muslims plan for all Christians and Jews across the Middle East […]