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Despite what you’ve heard about Chicago,  Baltimore is the real murder capital of America.  It’s a smaller city, and rapidly losing population,  – but the murder rate among young Blacks is much higher. Since the death of Freddie Grey – and the riots that followed,  – everybody wanted to blame the police. Loretta Lynch forced […]

A short life utterly wasted in testament to Obama! Curtis Deal was already arrested 3 times in 2017,  – gun and drug charges.  He was a ‘person of interest’ in a homicide last year. In the officer’s body-cam video the running suspect can be seen raising his stolen 9mm pistol at the officer, – his […]

City will pay family of 25-year old career criminal $6,400,000; – making him truly worth more dead than alive!  Everybody’s share is $10.30.  And there are STILL the trials of six good cops to pay for. Who makes such decisions?   When do the voters get a say?

Battle of the hyphenated!  Pailin-Sheffer vs Rawlings-Blake!! The Mayor of Murder City was trying to pretend that everything was normal Saturday.   She went to a street festival in the Mondawmin neighborhood – when Lacheisa Pailin-Sheffer ran up and drenched her with water.

When so-called “protesters” turn into packs of animals. Tough to run a business on the edge of a ghetto;  – a LOT tougher when your customers come in packs and loot your store – with impunity . Heartbreaking when the Mayor allows it…   Disgusting video below the fold.

Forty-eight years of struggle to close America’s racial divide – ruined by America’s “First Black President” – who has mostly ignored the economic plight of inner-city Blacks – unless he was fanning the flames…. It has all been so entirely predictable….