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With Comey gone,  their cover is rapidly coming apart.  They probably can’t Arkancide witnesses and co-conspirators fast enough… Anything that has ChuckieBoy Schumer is a public lather is fine by me!   He’ll spend weeks now screaming “Cover-up!” and demanding a “Special Prosecutor” – to look for a Trump-Russia connection. Vince Foster and the Benghazi […]

There is the Hillary Clinton the Media wants you to see…. ….and there is the REAL HILLARY,…and her trail of dead bodies….from Arkansas to the Levant.

CAUTION:  Since we can’t trust the media,  we report this story from non-mainstream sources…. Eric Braverman – a Yale lawyer – was brought into the Clinton Foundation “to clean it up”.  His salary in 2015 was $395K plus bonuses.  Of course the Clintons didn’t really want it cleaned up,  – just to LOOK cleaned up….  […]

“Finances,…foreign entanglements,…health….” OMG!  Tim,  she’s going to have you Arkancided for this blunder! Tim,…WE know you were trying to refer to Trump,…but what were you thinking…?

Add three (3) more names to the Arkancide list….

For a full year the aging commie railed against the evil power of corrupt money in politics – the “influence of millionaires and billionaires”…… Today – perhaps in a bid to stay alive – he’s set to bow and kiss the ring of the most evil woman in America.  His young believers and followers must […]

And Democrat women want to trust her with the Defense of Western Civilization and our Nuclear Launch Codes? Tell us Democrats,  – when has she EVER told the truth? Side-by-side video below the fold:

“They’re TOAST for Election Day…so have a good time…” This is a preview of what a Hillary presidency will be like – threats, bullying, and intimidation and revenge upon political and personal ‘enemies’….Short video clip below the fold: