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It was a circus of the incompetent:  Deval Patrick,  JudyAnn Bigby,  MaryBeth Heffernan,   Annie Dookhan,…all unvetted AA/EEO hires….to include our First Black Governor! How badly did our former governor hate white people?

The Chicago Community Organizer – who was so much more clever than Bush,  – is departing office with an unearned medal,….leaving our Country’s Military in a far weaker posture than when he came into office 8 years ago…. Projecting power and deterring adventurism was never part of Obama’s agenda for the United States.  He came […]

Once again Affirmative Action has resulted in a preventable disfigurement.   Salem’s tiny new female cop Jessica Rondinelli just had a big chunk of her ear bitten off by a 19-year old perp – as the smurfette copette was attempting to load the subject into her patrol car. Wanna see who did it?

Welcome to the Clinton’s Trail of Tears you lying box-checking fraud! Imagine!  This fat-headed upstart know-it-all liar really thought she was qualified to instantly become President…?     Shudder!

Protesters could easily outnumber the available police officers by 2 or even 3-to-1,  and the police leadership is untested….

She’s probably a super-nice person,  and likely very dedicated,  with experience as a Durham city cop before becoming a New Hampshire State Trooper. But real cops need much more than NICE and DEDICATION! They need SIZE,  STRENGTH,  and INSTINCT.   This one got punched in the face by a 22-year old drunk ex-football player.  It could have […]

Something deep inside me is churning with anger and despair as I post this.  This fine young woman should not be dead.  She should not have been placed in such danger on her first shift as a sworn police officer. Ashley,  you paid the ultimate price for America’s cult-like worship of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative […]

Two (2) videos will sicken you…. In the first Yale students eagerly sign a petition to repeal our 1st Amendment. [Most have probably never read it…but they’re attending Yale…] Now the icing on this dark and dangerous cake.  BRACE YOURSELF!

He’s going to ‘investigate‘ the Chicago Police Department.  We at RRB can damn near write his report this morning…. You remember Gov’nr Duh-Val Patrick – that knee-jerk racist jerk – who is Obama’s buddy? He’s been called upon by Rahm Emanuel to come to Chicago [where he was born] to take the pressure off the […]

Maryland’s Deputy Attorney General – Thiruvendran Vignarajah – thinks he’s going to ‘get lucky‘,  – but quickly proves himself incompetent, unethical, – and in way over his head. But then – he’s a Democrat….and probably got the job because he is a minority…