Susan Rice: Worthless Inept Advisor

Posted March 21st, 2014 by Iron Mike

Today’s White House Press Briefing provided the ultimate proof that Obama pick [first to be SecState] of lifetime liar Susan Rice as White House National Security Advisor is a triumph of Affirmative Action over our national security.
Susan Rice over her head
The average high school student could have provided more cogent answers.

Putin Saw The Green Light

If Vladimir Putin had been looking for clues about Obama’s intentions, – his selections of Kerry, Hagel, and Susan Rice for key roles last year were the exact green lights he was waiting for.

Kerry: A lifetime fraud always thumping his chest about being a war hero.

Hagel: A low-ranking enlisted solder in Vietnam, and a career drunk politician ever since.

Rice: An affirmative action academic – who was foreign policy advisor to Michael Dukakis…

At today’s press briefing Rice offered the following ‘insight’:

“In the years since the ending of the Cold War, the United States and Europe and, indeed, the international community have proceeded along a path where we’ve made clear that our interest was in more fully integrating Russia politically and economically into Europe and into, indeed, the fabric of the international system and the global economy.

“But that was predicated on an expectation that Russia would play by the rules of the road — the economic and security rules of the road — international law, and the norms and principles that govern responsible international action.”

 Susan Rice laments

That’s probably the most honest admission we’ll get from Rice – that her expectations were predicated on an utterly naïve reading of Russian History and Vladimir Putin’s career.

Once again – a flaming liberal has looked at the world in terms of how they wanted it to be, – not on the reality of how it is!

The really scary part…?   From Obama’s perspective – he doesn’t care how much turf Putin gobbles up.  He really doesn’t care!   His personal objectives were met by having women of color in high-visibility positions of importance – no matter how unqualified they are, – and no matter how worthless their advice and insight proves.

Condoleezza RiceSome liberals reading this will shake their heads and think I’m part of the ‘Republican War on Women’.  

But I remember another Ricealso a black woman – who held this job because she actually knew what she was talking about!


Anybody out there think that Susan Rice has figured out Putin’s next steps? 

3 Responses to “Susan Rice: Worthless Inept Advisor”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Obama has proven time and time again that he is the personification of the Peter Principle. All of his appointees have been true believers, beholden to him, foreign policy illiterates and geographic morons. Each and every one of them were either part of the Femenist troika of Jarret, Rice and Power or the mental moron cadre of Hagel, Dempsey, Brennan, Kerry and Carney. Lying is their forte, strategy is not in their vocabulary, and the destruction of the US as a world power and the world’s only Constitutional Republic is their collective goal. May God help us!

  2. Casey Chapman

    This is just another example of what I have always heard. Republicans make policy decisions based on intellect, while Democrats make policy decisions based on emotion. As in “Oh, Moochelle, wouldn’t be dreamy if I appointed a woman of color for that post?” Never mind if she’s qualified.

  3. Walter Knight

    President Obama should be visiting China, not his wife. Russia has real, historic enemies, and the prize is Siberia.

    Rattling our sabers from Poland is a bad joke.