Stirring And Steaming A Concord MoonBat

Posted November 4th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Drove to do a 2-hour standout in Liberal Concord today.   Seems I stirred ’em up a bit.robert-prestidge-calls-concord-police
It was a simple street corner standout,  – deep in the MoonBat heart of America.   I had five of Concord’s Finest in attendance before it was over.


The nearest open parking space turned out to be in front of Concord Cookware – 13 Walden Street – owned by one very uptight Robert Prestidge.  Robert seems to have found objection to my vehicle.


No sooner had I begun my standout that I observed a cluster of agitated MoonBats gathered around the old war wagon,  taking pictures and gesticulating excitedly. 

Soon enough I observed a policeman, – then two, – finally three….

Mister Prestidge was trying to convince the officers that the space in front of his establishment was a “First Amendment Exemption Zone”,  – where Republican Ideas and Constitutional Principles were EXCLUDED,  – upon his say-so!

He was having some difficulty hearing the officer’s explanation of our First Amendment and the specific reference to FREE SPEECH.  

I moved closer but the officers motioned me to stay back.  I was glad to let these guys deal with the agitated MoonBat.

All the while I was getting mostly “thumbs up” from passing drivers and pedestrians, – along with about 30% snarls and sneers….and the occasional profanity – directed either at me or at Trump.

At least a dozen of Concord’s effeminate girly-men said they would never vote for Trump “because of how he treats women”.

I was tempted to ask them if they’d ever been invited to a bachelor party,….but they were so sissified I knew they wouldn’t understand.

One “sweet little old lady” walked up and said that since Concord was such a friendly town full of nice friendly people – she hoped I’d depart soon.  I said something to the effect of hoping the Good Lord would call her home before the polls open on Tuesday.  

She stormed away across the street and called the police.  I now had officers #4 and #5 on the scene.


The plus side the two hours was the number of folks [about 60%] who gave me the “thumbs up”,  – or stopped to take pictures.  I suspect I’ll be on a lot of Facebook pages tonight.  At my age it’s kinda neat when high school cuties want to squeeze in close for a selfie…

concord-pd-patchSPECIAL THANKS:   We all owe a big hat tip to Chief Joe O’Connor and his Concord Police. 

Dealing with an enraged MoonBat merchant is truly thankless duty,  – as is listening to the pitiful wailing of a little old lady who doesn’t like seeing or hearing Republicans,  – especially one who won’t kowtow to her shit,  – and who snaps back.

The Concord Police understand our First Amendment,  and they understand the oath they took – to uphold, protect, and defend it…. This afternoon they defended – admirably!

Tango Yankee Gentlemen!    And,…wear your damned vests!


16 Responses to “Stirring And Steaming A Concord MoonBat”

  1. Mt Woman

    Good for you Iron Mike and God Bless You!!!

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    First Amendment Exemption Zone…. An interesting concept for sure. But much as the president ignores our Constitution, so apparently does Mr. Prestidge. I guess free speech must be free only for Democrats. Sad…..

  3. Walter Knight

    Outstanding, driving liberals into a frenzy.

  4. FLICK

    You da man Mike!

  5. integrity 1st

    You need to be more sensitive. Everyone knows liberalism is a mental disorder, so how do you expect them to respond? Of course one always hopes the mentally impaired could still draw the line at complete and total corruption of the highest office in the world should Hillary win, but apparently not.

  6. Kim

    My ancestors are rolling over in their Concord graves at the ilk that now occupy that town. Kudos to the Concord PD!

  7. GreenBeretLTC

    I was just sharing this story with my wife, and while viewing the photo of Mr. Prestige photographing Iron Mike I recalled using binoculars to orient a group of soldiers regarding guard towers at the Berlin Wall.

    While we were looking at the guards through the binoculars, they were looking back at us through binoculars. In the years since, I’ve often wondered if we were photographed….and made a propaganda photo in an East German newspaper.

  8. Theredhead

    God Bless ya! I am so happy to hear that a liberal got handed the truth from our guys in blue.Now when do people think they can use the 1st in any favor. Tell you not to stand in a public place. That rat bastard liberal needs to get his head outta his ass and realize were tired of the BS in this Country and we want change. We don’t want people thinking that they can BEND the rules to their favors.. Cough.. Cough… Cough… YA that Bitch too! She should have been locked tagged and tossed along time ago in a 6 by 8 cell like they have in Mexico or any other lovely establishment where you don’t have access to anyone to sit back and let it sink in to all the people she has destroyed or corrupted and stolen from as well as sold out in her lifetime. ROT in jail Clinton and take your Sick Perverted Rapist husband with ya ass in another cell. Waking up to that would make MOST Extremely happy on a daily basis. Knowing that Justice is not Blind to the sick and twisted corrupt People who have taken this country by the BALLS and twisted it! People are speaking and We are Sick and TIRED of these Criminals who think they are ABOVE the LAW! Have a Nice day and Be safe Mike.

  9. Kathy Rose

    Stand tall, Mike!

  10. integrity 1st

    but even if he did, sounds like pardons will protect the cartel no matter what. So depressing!

  11. John Pagel


  12. faith whitney

    I agree with Kim that the Town has changed demographically for the worse….I grew up there in a conservative, religious community, but I doubt few of my generation live there now, as the nouveau riche have invaded and driven property values through the roof….

  13. Catherine

    And now we also know about another liberal-owned business to AVOID like the plague. Plenty of good conservatives who own stores; patronize them instead!

  14. Leonard Mead

    You’re having TOO MUCH FUN pulling the liberal’s tails in MA.

    It is FUN and it’s so EASY. Thankfully the Concord police know something about free speech rights!

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative Apollo Beach, FL

  15. Hunter556

    I love it!

  16. NashobaGuy

    If the British marched through Concord today to seize guns, there would be a gun buy-back and a candlelight vigil rather than the “shot heard round the world.”

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