Stifle The Liberal’s Phony Outrage….

Posted October 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

It took only as long as they could find TV cameras – – the left-wing politicians,  – their media allies,  – – and the late-nite buffoons were all railing against GUNS, the NRA, and Republicans,  – because a mad-man with 23 guns on the 32nd floor opened fire on a crowd of helpless people.

Nowhere will you hear a word about the slaughter of 4,383 unborn helpless babies yesterday.  Nowhere will you hear a word about Vince Foster,  Seth Rich,  the Benghazi Four,  – or the 10,000 Mexicans killed by smuggled Fast & Furious guns under Hillary and Obama.

Guns are INERT.   Those 23 ARs and AKs didn’t walk themselves into the Mandalay Bay,  – up the elevator,  – and ring up room service for enough ammo to keep firing for 17 minutes.

A psychopath did that – and he turns out to be the son of a psychopath.   Something in the DNA of that family….?

Remember December 2012 – the Sandy Hook school massacre,  – by known psychopath Adam Lanza…?  Remember the big push to ban “Assault Weapons”,   – despite the fact the Police Report was never released – so we don’t know which weapons Lanza used?

Can you recall any Democrats in these past 5 years pushing legislation to identify psychopaths?

Abortion mills have continued to kill babies every day since December 2012,  – and a few schools have hired armed guards.

But psychopaths still walk among us – and some like Lanza and Paddock amass arsenals…

So the LibTurd solution is to BLAME the NRA – and restrict or rescind our God-Given RIGHT to Self-Defense. Because GUNS are at fault?

How about the Democrat-run (totally controlled) City of Chicago?  Heard any Democrats or anybody in the Media bemoaning the nightly slaughter of young Blacks there?

Of course not!  Democrats consider the gang-wars on Chicago’s South Side as 4th Trimester Abortions….just another tool for world population control.  Can you smell the hypocrisy?

Today and in these weeks to come – the “Media” (Propaganda Ministry) will run bloody story after bloody story, – always focusing on ‘GUNS’.   There won’t be a shred of common sense or patriotism in there anywhere….

So YOU have to stand up and be the Patriot!

You have to speak out – highlight their hypocrisy,  – and point out what happens to populations who are denied their right of self defense.

Remind these Democrats that both Stalin and Hitler mandated that their people turn in their guns – “for the safety of the Children”

6 Responses to “Stifle The Liberal’s Phony Outrage….”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    There’s been a lot of speculation as to what exactly was being fired. Audio recordings from the concert do not match up with the sounds of a fully automatic rifle. There’s a question whether a device called the AutoGlove may have been used, which accelerates the rate of firing. Based on a demonstration video, the sound is similar to the Los Vegas recordings. The device had been put on the market earlier this year, without an ATF determination letter having been received. ATF issued its letter 2 weeks before the shooting: the device was determined to be a defacto machinegun, approval was denied and the mfr began issuing refunds.
    Sources: HotAir blog; demonstration videos and Hank Strange podcast (Youtube)

  2. Varvara

    September was the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. There were 50,000 Greeks in that slaughter. The victims had no chance of survival, no guns. The Turks crucified 12 women and then marched the men passed them. The men saw their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters on crosses. The men were then marched to large pits that had been dug for the purpose of shooting men and burying them, some still alive, very similar to Mike’s photo.

    We must never forget! Thank you for the 2nd Amendment.

  3. Panther 6

    I question lots about this shooting and the reason for it,,,if any other than Paddock was outright crazy. BUT the anti gun rhetoric is beyond the pale. If this was truly important to them i.e. the demorats why haven’t they been talking this all along???? Why wait till folks have died unless this is just a political dog they can beat.

    Heard Marie Harf, past Media darling of the State Department announce that ONLY the USA has events like this and of this magnitude and it is guns faults. I seem to recall a July 2011 shooting in Norway where almost 90 people were killed on an isolated island where no help could reach them in a timely manner. MS Harf may look good but she is dumb to make such a statement attacking the USA as the only nation where something like this could have happened.

    Was Paddock a convert to islam recently????

  4. Varvara

    1. Paddock was a recent convert to islam.

    2. Reason for the lack of help in Norway was due to police and water patrol taking all boats down for inspection. Local people did a Dunkirk and rescued children and adults.

    3. French nightclubs had more deaths.

    4. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

  5. Kojack





  6. Jim Buba

    Better late than not at all!

    The audio hints at two different guns fired in the same few seconds and there is staccato in the spray. There is also a different resonant sound and two windows broken out.

    It takes practice to work the Bump Stock and that may well account for the brief pause between rounds in the same clip. Longer pauses attributed to ‘reloading’ by the press were actually the reaching for a loaded weapon. The difference in sound may be attributed to the spray at the door when the Security Guard showed up.

    I have nothing for the two broken windows. Be thankful it was commercial rounds used, which are far different from the Hot Stuff. Further, shooting downhill with accuracy atop desired accuracy with an inexperienced hand and a Bump Stock accounts for the ‘LOW’ kill ratio. Bullets following the parabolic due to gravity fell short of any intended target. Most ‘injuries’ were caused by the panic. We should be thankful that only 58 innocents were killed and can ignore the 59th since point-blank into the mouth does not count.

    Sooner or later, more will realize that drugs, weapons and all these ‘staged/antagonized’ events are to be pinned on the democrats. Pretty much the same goes for the cyber hacking of personal information from major corporations and banks. We are under attack and have been for as long as I have crawled and walked this planet.

    Coffee anyone?