Speaker Bob DeLeo: Democratic Hypocrite

Posted May 28th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Want “tougher gun laws”?  Bring back the DEATH Penalty!
5 Mass Killers
So Bob, the Sandy Hook Massacre – committed by an insane man (and registered Democrat) – happened 14 Dec 2012.  If we are to ~ believe ~ that your gun law is anything other than a political smoke screen – why did it take you 17½ months – until this mid-term election year – to file it?

Hey Bob, here’s an idea….

…we’ll all know that you Democrats, KleptocRATS, and MoonBats are really SERIOUS about “Gun Safety” – when you’ve brought back the DEATH PENALTY for murder!

Mucko” McDermott and Neil Entwistle are eating 3 meals a day in air-conditioned comfort,…on OUR DIME!

Someday soon [well, maybe after 3 years] Aron Hernandez and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will join them.

Laws didn’t stop them. They sure didn’t stop Whitey Bulger!

Gun laws didn’t stop the Tsarnaev brothers,…they executed Sean Collier to get his gun.

Let’s try this: Commit a crime with a gun, get 20 years / no parole.

Fire that gun, get 30 years.

Wound or kill someone; get DEATH!  Death by Firing Squad!

Lower the age for a gun murder death-penalty case to 14 years old!

STOP trying to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens! Your laws don’t make us safer – only our guns make us safer.

Youthful Killers

AND IF YOU’RE SERIOUS, make it easier to get a troubled kid committed to a guarded institution; – STOP trying to ‘mainstream’ dangerous kids like John Odgren, Adam Lanza and Elliot Rodger.

Make it easier for a doctor to have them evaluated and sent before a commitment judge. Bring back our insane asylums!

Robert DeLeo Political Pig

DeLeo – you’re a political pig.  Nothing in the laws you propose would have saved the Petit family, Kimberly Cates or the Zantops.

Cates and Zantops

They were killed by knives – the Petit women were burned alive.

Petit Family

Nothing you’re proposing would have saved the kids at Sandy Hook. Armed teachers might have.

Real Massachusetts Republicans and Conservatives will note of the deathly SILENCE of the MassGOP [RiNOcrats] on the entire subject of Bob DeLeo and his anti-gun charade.

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3 Responses to “Speaker Bob DeLeo: Democratic Hypocrite”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The gun grabbers always use any incident with a gun because it fits their narrative. Not a gun used by a drive by probably illegal gang banger, but a gun used by usually a lily white male, often disturbed, from a suburb, usually a Democrat but always omitted from the report, because this fits their narrative. The usual suspects from the left blame the gun, but never the knife or the truncheon or the car and the NRA because this fits their narrative. They want to give you impression that they are concerned, not even mentioning the NRA gun safety courses, because it fits their narrative. You see it is really all about them and their face time, because their narrative perpetuates their narcissism.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The only reason we even heard about the mass murder in California this month, was to hype up the gun grabbers. Witness CNN’s pushing the father of one of the victims into an emotional rant.

  3. Fenton bevan

    The picture you have of all the murderers above. They have all been proven to be actors. Are you serious that you don’t know that? Not being disrespectful but its easy info to look up. Type in any of there names followed by hoax. This whole argument on here is moot. No one has been murdered. No one killed any one. They are all set ups with actors tricking you just to take your guns away. I’m from england and we can all see what there doing. Don’t let them take your guns, that will be the downfall of america. Please look into these false flags and expose them as quick as you can to show the rest of the public what they’re doing. Take care, Fenton.


    Shame on YOU Fenton if you believe those twisted souls are ‘actors’. We at RRB follow the news coverage closely. Those killers are – sadly – REAL!