Slave Trafficker Screams In Court

Posted January 19th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Yes, there is slavery in America!  On rare occasions their ‘owners’ get caught and face justice.
Olivia Missy Lara in court
Oh, you didn’t know about modern-day ‘White Slavery’ Your head’s been under a rock?  Maybe you had the ‘progressive’ viewpoint that prostitution is a victimless crime?  Really?

Olivia “Missy” Lara – 38, of Fall River was pimping out underage teen girls to men she’d meet in bars.  These girls would then provide sex for the men – in back rooms, their cars, or maybe in their houses.
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Somehow, Fall River police were reluctant to actwithout outside help. They contacted Homeland Security [ICE?] and arrests were made.  [Were these girls here illegally?] 

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Olivia threw a tantrum in court when she learned her bail would be $100K.  One of the johns – 30-yr old Feliciano Ramirez had his bail set at $25K for rape of a minor.  


When Democrats talk about blanket amnesty, remember they’re planning to sweep all this away – and make Olivia and Feliciano eligible for US Citizenship!

Only AFTER these arrests did our esteemed Attorney General [and Democratic candidate for Governor] Martha Coakley get involved.  Her famous quote after Matt Denice was killed by a DUI illegal from Ecuador was “It isn’t illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts”.

Today’s Super Bowl playoff game in Denver will see a big surge in underage girls pimped out to out-of-towners with big money to spend.

runaway teenage girlsVictimless?  HEY STUPID, – where the hell do you ~ think ~ all those missing teenage girls end up?

Democrats actually aide and abett this slave trade by funding no-questions-asked abortion mills like Planned Parenthood, where a pimp or a maddam like Lara can take a teenage girl for a quick government-subsidized abortion. 

So ask yourself – with perhaps 244,000 or more teenagers [both boys and girls] ensnared in this slave trade, – what have Obama or Deval Patrick done?  ObamaCare ain’t the answer!

God Help Fall River – that once thriving manufacturing giant where immigrants came to get factory jobs, raise their kids to finish school and go to college, and become the backbone of American society.  60+ years of Democratic control of the Massachusetts State House had driven the manufacturing overseas, and brought the worst of overseas third-world social standards in to replace it.

Wanna bet that “Missy” has more than one EBT card?  Think Coakley will bother to find out?

3 Responses to “Slave Trafficker Screams In Court”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    She is only one of many, not only in this state, but in similar states throughout the country with excessive entitlement communities, over worked law enforcement and lenient judges.

    It is the judges and the Attorneys General that foster this trade and the liberals who call for legalization.

    This so called “victimless” crime is trully the liberals “war on woman”.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The state “representatives” get their slice out of every trick, you can bet. “Why mess with the status quo, when it’s so profitable?”


    They may not get prostitution money directly Casey, – but MANY take $$ from Emily’s List and Planned Parrenthood….

  3. Varvara

    Iron Mike asked, what has Gov. Deval Patrick done?
    Answer: he has redecorated his office.