Show Your “Coexist” Friends This Video…

Posted June 15th, 2014 by Iron Mike

If you know someone with one of those stupid ‘coexist’ bumper stickers, – forward this video to them.
Coexist ISIL Version
The ISIS or ISIL – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – has entered Western and Northern Iraq and conquered it, – nearly without a fight. Being such good Muslims – they began mass executions….of other Muslims.


So are you sickened? Do you think there are “Good Muslims”? Think you are smart enough to tell them apart?

Think Obama did a ‘good thing’ with that prisoner swap?

You really think this cannot ever happen here?

And Democrats want you to give up your GUNS?   Why?

This is terrorism Folks;  – the goons only have to kill a few hundred for the terror to spread like wildfire – across Iraq, – across Syria and Lebanon – across the entire Arab world.

This has been going on there for thousands of years – long before Jesus Christ or Mohammed. It is why these lands remain tribal, – and people carry blood grudges for a thousand years….

And yet there are stupid Americans who want to try to ‘coexist’ with these monsters?

I know this is brutal and gross!  But YOU need to see it – and people you know NEED TO SEE IT – and UNDERSTAND the ISSUES, – before they vote this November, – and in 2016.

The murders you just witnessed were unnecessary – and were preventable, – if we had a REAL president! Remember that Obama and Hillary were smuggling weapons to these goons – which is why the Benghazi Embassy was attacked.

Would these Iraqi soldiers and policemen have surrendered – WITHOUT a FIGHT – if they thought their ‘Muslim Brothers’ were going to kill them?

Why would you EVER surrender your guns?

4 Responses to “Show Your “Coexist” Friends This Video…”

  1. Mark

  2. Hawk1776

    Let’s not overlook the financial implications. If nothing is done the price of oil will be higher for at least the next three years. That means driving your car just became more expensive. Since most New Englanders use heating oil, that means the heating your home has become more expensive. Since Obama has killed off the coal industry, electricity will become more expensive. (Without coal, do you really expect natural gas to remain cheap?).

    Then there is the minor issue of destabilization of the Middle East. Don’t buy real estate in Jordan, Lebanon or Syria. Egypt is also at risk (although it’s already a mess).

    All of this might, and I emphasize “might”, have been avoided if Obama hadn’t been in such a rush to get out of Iraq. The buffoonery of Obama, Kerry and Jarrett is front and center.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    Theses are the jihadist terrorists that Kerry and Obama want to negotiate with to save Bagdhdad. These are the very same people who will murder Muslims, Jews, Christians, Budists and Atheists by any means at hand. These are the very same terrorists that manufactured the IEDs that killed our treasure, those of other countries and their own people. Why should we bail them out again only for a repeat performance from the ISIS/ISIL. The fatal mistake was made when we changed the proposed terms of The SOFA from 26,000 to 10,000 and Malaki rejected. The was the beginning of the end and the jihadists were emboldened.

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