Shouldn’t Bernie Sanders Take A Sanity Test?

Posted October 16th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Thanks a friggin’ lot Vermont  – for continually re-electing this crazy left-over 1960s hippie commie….to the point where millennials now take his ranting seriously.
Bernie Sanders sane
If he could win the Democratic nomination he’d probably like to chose kindred spirit – Senator Squaw [Lizzy Warren] as his running mate.  But if Hillary can avoid federal prosecution and win,  – would he run as her VP?  In either case, – shouldn’t he be tested to see if there are bats in his belfry?

Bernie Sanders dreams

The mans claims to be a ‘Socialist’ – but when he starts ranting answers to debate questions – he sounds more like Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov – better known in the West as Lenin.


He’s really a communist!  He hates the rich,  banks,  and all the mechanisms of Free Enterprise and Capitalism.  It makes sense – when you consider he once voluntarily lived in Vermont home without electricity,  – and fathered an illegitimate son there.

Like most socialists and communists,  Bernie seems driven by the bitterness of class envy and the hatreds brewed by feelings of personal inadequacy.  He has no idea what money really is,  – or how it is earned;  but he envies and hates those who have it,  – and dreams of bringing them down.

Bernie Sanders seething

Can you imagine the effect on our economy if Bernie’s dream of raising the tax on millionaires to 90% ever came true?  Bernie has never thought it all through,  – because his brain is full of hate.  He can’t wait to have the power to break up the big banks, – with no real clue about what that would mean, – other than his personal satisfaction.

How many young Americans have been taught in our union-infested public schools – that “…in a country this rich….nobody should be poor! The rich and the big banks are hogging all the money…” ?

Oh, and he hates the NRA…. Communists always want to gather up the guns – before they start herding people off to the ‘re-education camps’…

So Bernie is one scary dude,  but history-deprived millennials seem drawn to him.  It’s that line abut fighting global warming….,…kids today are real suckers for that line.

Sanders Hillary's Veep

Giving a hate-filled man like Bernie real power would be akin to giving matches to a room full of kindergartners.

So Vermont,  I love your maple syrup,  your quaint villages, and your ski resorts.  But damn,  – why did you folks have to keep voting all those years for such a nut job?

Listen as Bernie calmly explains his anger at wealthy people and his plans to ‘transfer their wealth’ through a 90% tax.

What then Bernie,  – send them to the camps, – or fling them into the ovens?

Kulaks to the Gulags

For those of you who are curious….

Levi Sanders w Obama

5 Responses to “Shouldn’t Bernie Sanders Take A Sanity Test?”

  1. FLICK

    All he needs is a shoe in his hand. “Elect me and I WILL BURY YOU”!

  2. Catherine

    No need for that sanity test: ANYONE who believes that socialism/communism brings “fairness” and “justice” and “equity” in this world has just demonstrated the ability utterly to disregard over a hundred years of PROOF that it does just the opposite.

    Case closed. On ALL of them; Sanders is merely the most open.

  3. Kojack

    As I have stated in prior comments, Sanders is a communist pretending to be a socialist. The recent revelation that he honeymooned in the USSR tells the casual observer all he/she needs to know about Sanders’ veiws.

    Therefore, in that context, whereas the principles of communism were discussed by Aristotle who also went on to explain why they wouldn’t work, and whereas the millennia have validated his teachings, the more important question is, ‘How sane are his supporters?!?!?’

  4. Hawk1776

    I hope Sanders wins the nomination. The result will be the largest Republican victory since George McGovern. (Although Sanders will probably win in Massachusetts as did McGovern).

  5. Jim Gettens

    Democrats in general should be subjected to sanity AND IQ tests.