Shooter And 6 Dead In Isla Vista

Posted May 24th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Elliot RogersA series of drive-by shootings and a sick YouTube video made by a narcissistic “22-year old virgin” – who rants about his hatred of girls who wouldn’t go out or have sex with him.

Six dead, seven wounded, shooter dead – in the video he claims he is about to prove he is the True Alpha Male”.

How many clues were missed in these past 5 years? Sick video below the fold:


Watch the gun-grabbers seize upon this incident to vilify “GUNS” – while ignoring the obvious actions of a twisted evil self-absorbed premeditated killer.

If this had happened in MASSACHUSETTS, – and this punk had been taken ALIVE, – would his total premeditation and his dripping evil have changed any liberal minds about the DEATH PENALTY?

Or would there be a gaggle of groupies flocking to his every court hearing, – like they do for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

Will our State Legislature blame the KILLER, – or the GUN?

UPDATE: Sat 24 May 9 PM EST May have stabbed three housemates to death before shooting spree…

Elliot Rodger Spree Killer

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7 Responses to “Shooter And 6 Dead In Isla Vista”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The old adage “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. If that person is a self absorbed narcissist, the odds increase logorythmically. The gun grabbers will be all over this and when DeLeo issues his new gun law plan, you know it will be highlighted.

  2. Vic

    Anyone know this guy’s name?

    So far IDed as Elliot Rogers….or Elliot Rodger…
    Awaiting details….

  3. Dinner Key

    Talk about “all over it” – y’all are quite to it right-quick yo-selves. News flash – guns kill – don’t bear false witness, OK? Wasn’t that BMW parked over by the Days Inn?
    No! No! No! No!

    Not so Dinner Key, not so! Guns DON’T kill. They are inert!

    They just SIT there until a human [or a sub-human] picks it up, – loads it, – points it, – and pulls the trigger.

  4. Kojack

    @ Dinner Key, guns don’t kill any more than spoons cause obesity or automobiles cause drunk driving.

    If you want to see a mass murderer up close and personal, take a good look in the mirror. It is people like you who indirectly kill other people en masse by imposing your FAILED and BANKRUPT policies on everyone else thru your bad voting habits.

  5. Walter Knight

    One of the victim’s parents is already being quoted blaming “politicians and gun-rights proponents.” I’m sure there will also be attempts to sue the police.

    Blame the criminal. Support the death penalty.

  6. Ms. Camaro

    If you have watched the video that this “person” posted on YouTube, then you will understand that it’s “people” like that who kill other human beings, not just guns. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it’s pure evil like this that really puts things into perspective. What use is a car without a driver or a gun without a shooter? People need to start taking more responsibility for themselves. An inanimate object has no thought process or means of mobility. It takes two to tango. And in this case (and many others): a lunatic and a gun.
    My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones.
    Blame the killer not the gun.

  7. Rock

    Can you tell me what the difference between Hillary and a Republican is?