Sharpton’s Chicago Wake-Up Call

Posted December 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Al Sharpton’s race-baiting plan falls victim to Citizen Anger.  He came to hold a rally to talk about ‘gun violence’  He got a rude surprise!  Obama and his buddy Mayor Rahm Emanuel haven’t delivered the ‘promised land’,  and citizens are starting to see through the smoke-screen.

Listen as Black citizens – who’ve voted like Democratic Robots all their lives, – talk about Republican and TEA Party alternatives.  Not the ‘Change’ Obama was planning on?

3 Responses to “Sharpton’s Chicago Wake-Up Call”

  1. Tom

    Many of these folks have been socially enslaved since the Great Society of Lydon Johnson. Are they finally waking up to their real plight? Do they finally understand that they have been used by the Democrat politicians and race baiters as the proverbial victim? The cities of Chicago, Detroit, Oakland and DC are the prime examples of this travesty.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Dawn breaks over marblehead.

  3. Walter Knight

    That last man summed it up very well when he asked, “How dumb can you be?” for black voters re-electing the same liberals.

    When you let your politicians take your vote for granted, there will be no progress. It’s good to see some know what’s happening. If you vote hoping for free stuff, instead of improvement and responsibility, you will constantly be disappointed and dumped upon.