Shame On Fox News!

Posted September 29th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Bill Clinton GAVE the NorKs two (2) Nuclear Reactors,  – essentially guaranteeing that they would be able to process enough material to build Atomic Bombs.

Yet here is Fox News adding to the anti-Trump hysteria? Why? Ratings?

Whether Fox has turned anti-Trump – or is just scrambling for ratings, – they are taking advantage of the vast majority of uninformed and essentially disinterested Americans.

So let’s examine the FACTS:

North Korea has about 25 million people – 3 million LESS than the state of Texas.

Of those, about 10 million are of military age and fit enough for service...

They maintain a standing force of 945,000 Active Duty with a reserve force of 5,500,000 who can be immediately mobilized.

That’s a grand total of 6,445,000 or 25% of their entire population.

Now the NorKs are saying that “because of Trump’s threats” 5 million suddenly are seeking to enlist to defend Dear Leader…?  And Fox echos this bullshit?

REALITY CHECK:  If there is ~ any ~ truth to the enlistment surge,  – it’s because the people there know there is a VERY ROUGH WINTER COMING – and they want to EAT!

Every winter for decades has witnessed massive food shortages,  – and during the worst of those – the military got fed first.

So any ‘patriotic enlistment surge’ is about getting through the winter alive,  – and NOT about defending Dear Leader!   Shame on Fox!

5 Responses to “Shame On Fox News!”

  1. Ron Motta


    I’ve been screaming about this for years…specifically, that we can blame our “first black president” for arming a country to which we were still at war with! And zero negative responses from either his beloved party; the gutless repubs, or the even more feckless…the 5th estate. As the “reverend” Jeremiah Wrong said…”Duh chickens be comin’ home to rooose”. In that case he proved to be 100% “Wright”!!


  2. Vic

    The Rooskies had an expression that sums up my opinion of the news: There is no truth in the news, and no news in the truth.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    So many in North Korea are on the edge of starvation. But typically, employment eligibility is tied to party membership, with no record of arrest or disloyalty… including being related to someone who’s been arrested, accused or imprisoned. Maybe now they’re relaxing their “standards”. If so, people will enlist just for a guaranteed salary, to help feed their families.

  4. Kojack

    Mike, thank you for reminding us about the military assistance the NORKs got from Bubba. That EVIL BASTARD should have been EXECUTED for that and for ALLOWING THE SALE OF MODERN ICBM technology to the CHICOMS for a campaign contribution. If it weren’t for that the Mongolian runt would be a less dangerous threat. Nuclear capability changes everything.

    Obysmal empowered the Iranian mullahs with that capitulation which in the end will gaurantee that they become a nuclear menace.

    Truman created North Korea in the 1st place by not ignoring the UN when it declared that McArthur stop at the 38th parallel.

    All three were/are DEMOCRAPS. They seem to have a thing for arming our most dangerous enemies.

  5. Catherine

    Joel Richardson, in his book on “Mystery Babylon” has an excellent analysis of the wahabist/saudi infiltration of the news agencies (right up there with evil soros).

    If I recall correctly, a goodly chunk of Fox is now owned by a high-level saudi goon. Anything that keeps the US’s attention OFF them and on other topics, or that undercuts the options and authority of a President who is friendly to Israel, that they will push.