Senator Squaw Get’um Bad Wampum?

Posted November 3rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

$2,700 Individual Limit?   Never a Problem!
Mere coincidence” of course!   Between 2010 and 2014,  three of the firm’s partners gave $1.6 Million to mostly Democratic candidates.  During that same period of time,  those same three partners received $1.4 Million in ‘bonuses’ from the law firm.

Why do you Republicans always get so uptight about mere laws?

Do as we do,  – relax, have a drink, – find a good lawyer, – and work around them….


Squaw say’um  “No need Wall Street Wampum,  – have White Boston Devils right here.  Their wampum just as good!  Me keep’um!”

UPDATE:   Friday, 4 Nov 2016   Her NO Keep’um tainted Wampum!   Her give’um back.


Funny how daylight – or a spotlight – makes cockroaches scurry!

3 Responses to “Senator Squaw Get’um Bad Wampum?”

  1. MC

    Laws! What Laws !! What difference do they make ! It seems that she has taken lessons from the Hellery.

  2. Hawk1776

    SOP for Democrats. Nothing new here.

  3. Mt Woman

    Business as usual