Senator JamieBoy Eldridge Got Arrested?

Posted November 30th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Nothing irritates a gay man more than being ignored.  That’s why they often act out in obnoxious ways,  – create drama in the workplace,  – and keep drawing attention to themselves….
So there was my very special Democrat State Senator – sitting in the street in Cambridge – demanding that McDonald’s pay high school kids $15.oo/hour.  If only JamieBoy could see the future….

In our MoonBat State,  the minimum wage is already higher than most of the nation,  and scheduled to go up on New Year’s Day.


JamieBoy knows this – he voted for it!

What JamieBoy doesn’t seem to understand is that part-time counter jobs were never intended to pay a ‘living wage’ – or support a family of four.   Certainly not for someone living in mega-expensive Cambridge,…home of MIT and Harvard….

Remember what Senator Squaw was being paid to teach JUST ONE CLASS?!?!

JamieBoy also has never understood that all those laws he’s helped pass,  – and all the regulations that ensued,…drove the real jobs – the manufacturing jobs – out of state – usually out of the country.

What factory owner in Somerville or Hudson is going to keep paying his union machine operators $32.oo/hour,  – AND put up with their ‘fuck you’ attitude….?

…when he can pay $2.73/hour in Mexico for grateful workers,

  – or $3.50/hr in China – with the Chinese Army to guarantee no union organizing activity….

Drive through either town – through ANY Massachusetts town,  – and see all the empty mills and factories,  – i.e. the calling cards of the Democrat Party!

But McDonald’s can’t move to China or Mexico.  They’re stuck right where they bought real estate.

So in places like San Francisco which mandated $15.oo,  – McDonald’s was ready.

They have crews which can come in at 10 PM, – and when the store opens in the morning, – there are new counters – with self-service kiosks.


The joke is now on JamieBoy;  – the kiosks can’t vote,  and they can’t give him re-election money….

…and if he doesn’t like how his burger came out,….he can talk to the kiosk!

Then,…being the dipshit he is,….he’ll draft a bill to tax the kiosks…..

JamieBoy will spend his entire adult life trying to impose his will on his fellow citizens.  He is your typical bully,  and he has real chip on his shoulder….

As a little kid he was always conspicuously big for his age – and it seems very sissified by his kindergarten teacher mother Betsy.  So kids teased and mocked him….

.and at some point he would discover that he was indeed a sissy – he was gay.

As a graduate of the formerly-Catholic Boston College Law School,  – he’s been on a revenge crusade ever since.  He’s pro-abortion, pro-gay everything, anti-gun, pro-illegal immigrants, and of course pro-sanctuary city….

In 2012 he deserted the state – and campaigned for Obama in Colorado.  He never understood the impact to his own district when Fidelity moved 5,000 high-paying jobs out of Marlborough,  – and closed that facility.

The entire concept of cause-and-effect is totally lost on Eldridge.   His ONLY need is for self-esteem….he does nothing without personal reward and publicity.


The Cambridge cops scooped up JamieBoy and his posse of Soros union dupes.  To JamieBoy – it’s ‘street cred’ – and he’s delighted in the publicity.


Betsy,  – you raised a sissy-boy,  – and sadly he’ll never be a real man.

But he’ll do our state enormous damage before he fades away….

If you see JamieBoy,  – ask him how many young Blacks McDonald’s and Burger King are going to hire at $15.oo/hour,  – when they can install kiosks – which are NEVER LATE FOR WORK…..?

Ask him where he thinks young inner-city Black kids are going to get their first honest work experience – at McDonald’s,  – or pushing drugs for the local dealer…?

I think he’s making a bad problem even worse….but then,…that’s what Democrats do.

4 Responses to “Senator JamieBoy Eldridge Got Arrested?”

  1. Catherine

    You are spot-on Iron Mike.

    Glory-hungry, power-hungry people like jamieboy do NOT care HOW MUCH HARM they cause the very people they claim to be “watching out for” as long as it makes THEM look good, get more POWER, get more MONEY, and position themselves for even more power and money in the future.

    And folks who do not look beyond the verbiage to see the RESULTS of the policies are duped into voting for him (and his ilk) again and again and again.

  2. Hawk1776

    Raising the minimum wage has been proven time and time again not to benefit workers. The low-margin businesses either shut down (or move out of town) or the positions are automated. As Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. In this case insanity and stupidity are synonymous.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    For kicks, I just visited a McDonald’s for the first time this century, I think. Just inside the door was the self-serve kiosk. Pressed Here to Start. Selected a Medium Coke and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Inside or To Go? Continued to Checkout. Cash or Other. Inserted the card, made the payment, got my receipt…. Within moments I heard my number was out the door….

    These libertards do not know what they’re doing to the youth of America…

  4. Mt Woman

    Sadly, he continues to be reelected. When will they ever learn…?

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