Sebelius: “I Don’t Work For Them”

Posted October 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Pardon my English folks,  but the architect of of the ObamaCare Website Debacle is nothing short of an arrogant elitist bitch!
Listen as she lies about the website’s problems,  about the contractors she hired to build it,  – and as she tells reporters she works for Obama,  – not us!

   I ~ guess ~ we should be grateful she’s not SecDEF…?    It remains to be seen if the website was screwed up due to typical Democratic inept management and fraud; – or worse if it was designed to fail so Obama could claim the only ‘fix’ is single-payer national healthcare.

2 Responses to “Sebelius: “I Don’t Work For Them””

  1. Casey Chapman

    Everybody knows the healthcare law was designed to fail. Obama has been caught on camera saying that it is only a stepping stone on the way to a single payer system. She’s right, by the way. She is a minion of Satan’s minion, who only serves her master.

  2. Tom

    This is the problem with the elitist, establishment a holes that inhabit the halls of the Executive, legislative and judiciary of our federal and state governments. Who the hell does she think she works for? They all work for us, this is a Goverenment of, by and for the people. The only way to get this point across to these paracites is to get rid of them all and start again.