Sean Spicer’s Utterly Thankless Job

Posted February 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

These folks are not ‘reporters’,  – they’re carnivorous agenda-driven spin artists,  – looking for any word – even just a syllable,  – to hang a story on.

Just imagine yourself stepping into this den of hyenas – every damned day,  – and trying to politely represent an honest President.  Video below the fold:

In an era where both print and broadcast news outlets are bleeding dollars,  – because fewer and fewer people trust them,…..these hyenas are desperate to be the one who breaks open some ‘sensational Trump story’…..

Truth be DAMNED,  – I need a STORY!”

I just hope that Spicer and/or Trump begins to selectively exclude the most dishonest outlets and the most flagrantly dishonest reporters….

.there’ll be plenty of small-town reporters willing to fill those front three rows.

Did you hear the ‘reporters’ still lamenting the departure (firing) of Acting AG Sally Yates? They seem to have ZERO fear of Islamic Terrorism…..

You wonder if any of them remember James Foley…?

3 Responses to “Sean Spicer’s Utterly Thankless Job”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Maybe Spicer can take a page from LTG Honore’s (Remember him?) book on eloquence and tell one (or some…..) of the Lames to not “get stuck on stupid”….

    That’ll make everyone’s day…..

  2. Walter Knight

    The enemy should not be allowed to ask questions at a press conference. Ban partisan or obnoxious reporters.

  3. Kojack

    Spicer is such a refreshing change from that propagandist Josh non-Earnest.

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