Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin – AGAIN!

Posted June 5th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Union bluster and bullying failed.
Obama KNEW – stayed away!

In 2010 Scott won 52.3% – 46.5% even with the usual slew of dirty tricks by unions and democrats.

This time – despite 18 months of street protests, capital sit-ins, outright thuggery, corrupt pro-union cops and judges, and tons of outside union / Soros money – the voters of Wisconsin spoke even more loudly.  Walker wins by 7%!

15.5% more voters turned out this time. They want responsible government, spending held in check, and the long-time union strangle-hold on government ended.

Unions can piss and moan, but you better wake up to a key fact: the general public [you know – your neighbors, – us taxpayers who foot the bill] have fully woken up to the game. We’ve seen the use of bullying on the streets, at polling places and inside state capital buildings. We don’t like it. We want it ended.

All those sweetheart deals that you wrestled out of those politicians that your dues put into office, – – even the least politically involved of us have figured out that we’re paying for it. Or more precisely – our KIDS will have to pay for it.

Walker’s re-election – in the face of outright thuggery – says the days of union domination of local, state, and national politics has seen it’s zenith, and is now on the wane.

  Congratulations to Scott Walker and Wisconsin Voters!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

A final thought for you UNION FOLKS:  Your ‘leaders’ just spent a TON of CASH on this recall election.  If I were you I’d be demanding an accounting of funds – to include your retirement and health funds.  I ~ kinda think ~ that maybe they played around a bit with the books.  Maybe you need to pay for an outside audit?


UPDATE: 4 November 2014 Walker wins again! 52.3%

Walker wins again

One Response to “Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin – AGAIN!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Congratulations to the people of Wisconsin, the Tea Party and all those folks who fought so hard for this victory. We will never know how much the public sector unions poured into this election, but in the end, even with a larger turnouout, the margain of victory was almost the same as 2010. Take that Donald Trumpka and your union thugs!