Scott Brown’s Wake-Up Call

Posted December 8th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Not exactly a Christmas gift – the UMass/Boston Herald poll showing Harvard Socialist Elizabeth Warren leading our RiNO senator 49:42.

With barely 11 months to repair his reputation and save his job, can Scotty do it? Will anybody help him?

For weeks the internet and the TV channels have been flooded with anti-Scott Brown ads.  He has answered with an ad claiming he is ‘The Independent Senator’. It looks like both have worked against him.

The anti-Brown ads show him taking money from Wall Street and ‘Big Oil’. They are effective in galvanizing the MassHole MoonBat opposition, still smarting over him sitting in Fat Teddy’s ‘hereditary seat’.

And that may be the key factor in the race – the nation-wide DNC effort to appeal to the ‘Kennedy Legacy’ – and ‘oust the usurper’.

Brown’s comeback ad falls flat – claiming he is about creating jobs. We all know that here in Massachusetts, with a tax-crazed Socialist legislature and a Socialist governor – there will be NO JOBS! Jobs are moving OUT of state.

Brown’s biggest problem is that he abandoned his support base of Conservative Republicans, angry conservative old-time Democrats, true Independents, and the folks who did the heavy lifting two years ago – the TEA Parties. In several cases, he turned his back on these folks most rudely.

His second biggest problem is that he let success go totally to his head.  He let the Washington media flatter him to the point that he probably did think he was the next JFK. There were too many stories printed, and too many interviews that were ‘all about him’, – and not about him being ‘our 41st vote to stop Obama’.

His voting record quickly placed him firmly on both sides of the aisle – and some of his votes defy logic.

Scott endorsed Kagan, calling her ‘fully qualified’ and voted for her. He should have filibustered against her.

He voted for Dodd-Frank. A jobs-killing bill drafted by the two biggest crooks in recent history – [aided it seems by Elizabeth Warren herself] – and he voted for it!

– Claiming special insight as a soldier – he voted to end DADT. He is either a complete fool or a soulless politician, because this single bill weakens our military by a factor of 10%.

And then there is the list of key issues where the voice of Scott Brown has yet to be heard:

Overturning ObamaCare..?

Getting the terrorists tried in Guantanamo..?

Illegal immigration and sealing our Southern Border..?

Operation Fast & Furious..?

Obama’s anti-Israel policies..?

The Obama/Holder lawsuits against Arizona, Texas, and Alabama..?

Gulf oil drilling and the Keystone XL pipeline..?

By stiff arming his 2009 support base, by his liberal voting record, by his muffled concern for burning issues, and by always appearing to be reaching across the aisle – Scott has severely dampened the enthusiasm of those who would now be supporting and defending him.

Conservatives now see him as no more ‘Republican’ as Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, or Lisa Murkowski. What we need is someone more like a Marco Rubio or an Allen West.

I can only hope that he’ll look in a 3-way mirror and discover his Republican backbone – and do it in time to shift gears and build a record worth defending.

MassHole liberals aren’t going to be satisfied with a RiNO when they can have a Genuine School-trained MoonBat.  And Dizzy Lizzy – ‘the Sound-bite Queen’ is about the purest strain of Harvard Socialist MoonBat available.

She is an EXPERT at playing the Class Warfare Game.

She will spend the next 10 months vilifying Scott’s votes and linking him with ‘the greedy 1%’.  It’s exactly what MoonBats want to hear.

The series of ‘Democratic Debates’ are merely an exercise in going through the motions – to give her time to rehearse.

Scotty, is there a Republican buried anywhere inside of you?

Can you / will you spend the next 10 months representing us – and not posing for photo-ops with Lurch?  Can you give us a reason…

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Scott Brown’s Wake-Up Call”

  1. Prim

    Well said! Brown can rest assured that he won’t be getting any outside money bomb help after his rhino votes. Wonder if he realizes this yet? As I was typing I realize that the quotable word “assume” applies to a good many of our politicians.

  2. whathehell

    Hey Scott Brown, Democrats only vote for Democrats. If I end up with E-bag Warren as my Senator it will all be on you.