School Stabbing In Murrysville

Posted April 9th, 2014 by Iron Mike

19 kids – 1 teacher stabbed or slashed – 4 serious – all likely to recover.  Male student 15 years old in custody.
Murraysville stabbing

Let’s watch to see how much of this story gets covered up due to “privacy”, including the background of the suspect.  It seems he went from class to class early this morning, stabbing and slashing.   Franklin Regional High is about 20 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Reminds me of the Jan 2007 murder at John Odgren Jan 2007Lincoln-Sudbury High when 16-year old John Odgren – a known psychotic – came to school armed with a long butcher knife and at random killed Freshman James Alensen.

QUESTION:   Why is the FBI already on the scene?
Alex Hribal

Alex Hribal last day of high school

4 Responses to “School Stabbing In Murrysville”

  1. Tom

    The FBI would only usually be on scene if there was a federal crime involved. My first thought was the the alleged perp may be a Muslim. What other reason for the Feds? If we don’t know the name soon, that may be the reason.

  2. Flick

    How will they try to legislate this? Is there such a thing as a
    ‘semi-automatic assault knife?’

    These scenarios are becoming so frequent that copycat-ism will proliferate. With the desensitizing of youth via violent video games, there is no consequence to incidents like this-just hit ‘ESC’ and start over.

  3. Karen G

    Sudbury was recently in the news, and touted by many Sudbury residents on social media, when it was voted the safest town in Massachusetts. A slap in the face to the poor Alenson family…a horribly insensitive decision by all of those responsible if you ask me…

  4. Casey Chapman

    Parents have decided to turn a blind eye when it comes to the violence in video games. I’d be willing to bet it is one of the causes in this case. Kids are never told the difference between fiction and non-fiction.
    They just don’t seem to understand, that once you stab/shoot/kill somebody, that DON’T come back to life.