Scary Days At Balad Air Force Base

Posted June 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Somehow – Obama was saved from a hostage crisis!Balad AFB
200 US civilian contractors pulled out of surrounded Balad AFB – just in the nick of time.  Jimmy Carter is wondering how they pulled it off….

But WAIT! There’s more:

Balad Hostage Crisis AVERTED

.these 200 contractors were preparing Balad as the home of Iraq’s new F-16 Fighter Squadron “The Flying Shi’ites”?

Iraq’s ambassador took delivery JUST LAST WEEK – in Fort Worth.

Iraq F-16

Timing is everything. If the ISIL had held off a few months – they could have captured the entire squadron of F-16s…?

This all falls on the ineptitude and treachery of Obama, Biden, Hillary, and John Kerry – for their rush to pull everything out of Iraq – declare victory, – and start enriching themselves through weapons sales.

Lukman Faily accepts F-16

So who will buy these F-16s now?  Will Obama let a Terrorist Government – i.e. an ISIL-led Iraqi government buy them – and support that sale with parts and training?

Well,…he WAS smuggling weapons to them through Benghazi…

As Iraq heads toward a Sunni-Shi’ite religious / civil war,…does anybody in this corrupt White House have a CLUE?

6 Responses to “Scary Days At Balad Air Force Base”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The pResident does seem to take a lot of time pondering things that he needs to decide on quickly.

  2. KarenG

    And acting quickly on things he should (if he could) ponder…

  3. William Clark

    Take a look at who didn’t support Rand Paul’s amendment to stop the sale. 79 republicans may have thought it was bad for small business or a government overreach. Dem’s and Tea-baggers were actually aligned on this.

  4. Robert Cappucci

    “Tea-baggers” ??? Really? Who are the real “Tea Baggers” in the USA and who are the real “Tea Baggee’s”??? Those who vote to raise taxes, nationalize banks and businesses, stymie the U.S. Constitution, go around Congress and/or the rule of law, inflict more harm on businesses small and large through red tape binding regulations, lie about, smear, and twist the conservatives into something they are not with a liberal media doing most of their dirty work, and folks who put more minorities on the Democrat Plantations are the REAL “Tea Baggers” dipping their stuff into the REAL “Tea Baggee’s” whom are those who vote for them and do their dirty work as good little mindless and obedient useful idiots.

  5. William Clark

    Hey just saying that the “Tea Party” and Democrats voted to stop the sale of F16’s. The mainline GOP warhawks wants the sale to go through and voted against Rands bill.

    As far as the fringe “Tea baggers” they should know that their acronym aligns with our finest Infantry and MP’s who still put their Ballsax on the faces of the recently graduated and take pictures. Another fine military tradition.

    In your ongoing efforts to prove yourself the smartest man in the room…

    …you often lose the point of what you’re TRYING to say in all the extra words.

    Try writing is a straight-forward manner, – and drop the profanity.

  6. William Clark

    It must sting like the dickens for any truth contrary to this blog to hear that the Tea Party voted with Rand Paul’s bill and with the support Democrats to stop the sales of F16’s.

    Is that better?

    I am not the smartest in the room, but I am the future, which must really sting.

    The constitution is a great document, and the freedom it represents shouldn’t be confined by one parties interpretation. It amazes me that spin placed on that document by the Tea Party.

    I have been all around these United Stats and the world, it gives you a different perspective to for and in another country.

    I wish you luck in your attempts in saving this fledgling Republic.


    Most patriotic Americans spell the Constitution with a capital C