Sanctuary City? Decapitated Male Body!

Posted December 2nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Shocking gruesome crime?  Or inevitable result of mindless Democrat politics?
A dog-walker finds a headless torso on the north bank of the Merrimack,  – cops find the head nearby….and tell the folks ‘there is no danger to the public’.   Wasn’t their headless victim recently a member of ‘the public’? Who’s next?  Watch the various authorities try sweeping this one under the rug….


I’m pretty damn sure the Norwegian immigrants didn’t do this….

…and I’ve got a real strong hunch who did…..

“Mata, viola, controla!”

Let me try to connect the dots for you,  – it’ll take a minute….

In the 1830s and 40s the Merrimack River Valley was the Cradle of the Industrial Revolution in the New World.   WATER POWER!   Mills sprang up,  cheep labor was in great demand, and poor English,  French and Irish families came in never-ending boatloads into Boston.

Much of Southern New England was cleared and sheep grazed everywhere.  And the Cotton Gin was invented,….and any thought of releasing slaves vanished.


By the early 1900s,  the start of labor unions had arrived.  Immigrant families seeking higher pay and safer working conditions in the mills joined unions – and elected Democrats to deliver a better life.

And by the 1960’s both the unions and the Democrats were thoroughly corrupted,  – used to living on ‘free money’ – and used to squashing investigations and silencing or buying the media.

So the mill owners pulled out – to the Carolinas,  – then off-shore,  – leaving behind empty mills and factories where only pigeons lived.

Empty Factories

Lawrence and Lowell went into rapid decay.  There was no tax base to support decent fire and police services, – while teacher unions made it impossible to fire shitty teachers.

Looking for a quick cure for depopulation,  mayors welcomed a series of immigrants,  including refugees from Southeast Asia – Vietnamese and Cambodians,  – and from the wars in Central America – Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua….

Each group brought their own specific criminal elements….

But Massachusetts liberals were preaching acceptance and diversity.  We must be ‘welcoming’ and we must accommodate….  Lets have bilingual forms,  and “Press 1 for English”….

.and ignore those racist stories about gangs….

Just a few years ago the brain-dead “Executive Secretary for Public Safety” – MaryBeth Heffernan told us in a public meeting that she’d “never heard of MS-13”…

…neither had her horse-holders and handmaidens…..

And a few weeks later in Milton’s Town Square, – Governor Deval Patrick (Obama’s buddy) likewise expressed total ignorance of MS-13. 

We taxpaying US Citizens were totally fucked – at the mercy of government officials who had an openly anti-white racist agenda…..

NOTE:   Having knowingly imported murderers,  – failing to deport them,  – and by continuing to harbor and feed them,  – – these SAME DEMOCRATS don’t want you to have or carry a firearm to protect yourself….   “Just dial 911…”

Meanwhile,  the several hundred thousand legal refugees that Carter and Reagan had allowed in – were followed by a steady stream – in the millions – of illegal immigrants.   Our open southern border and companies eager to pay off-the-books cheap labor was an irresistible magnet.

A shit job in America was still far better than no job in El Salvador or Mexico.

lee-manuel-paulino16-year old Lee Manuel Paulino has been missing for 2 weeks in Lawrence.  The high school sophomore was last seen at Grandma’s home….  His mother worries that the headless body is her Lee……


Gee,….could MS-13 (that awful gang that Deval Patrick didn’t know anything about) have made young Mister Paulino and offer he couldn’t refuse…?

Did they invite him to join them…?

Did they explain what full membership requires,….and did he hesitate?

At which point some other recruit was handed a machete – and told to demonstrate his loyalty – by beheading young Lee…?

FOLKS:  beheading victims has been a part of New World Culture for at least 5000 years – way back before the Aztecs….

All the people ALIVE in Mexico and Central America are alive because they survived – by being the beheaders! It’s deep in their DNA!

People will tell you that ‘Mexico is a Catholic country’.  Yeah, like vanilla icing over a Devil’s Food Cake….

YOU WATCH:   Between Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera and Governor Baker, – they don’t want you to ever learn the gory details.  And we have NO DEATH PENALTY to use as a bargaining chip with likely suspects…..

merrimack-river-crime-sceneSo if after careful examination of fingerprints – and his distinctive haircut – the medical examiner gives us an ID on the corpse,….

…we’re unlikely to EVER learn exactly when, where, and how it all happened.

And liberal white MassHole DemoCRAPS will shrug, and sweep it under the rug, – EVEN as they vow to ‘fight Trump’ to keep their sanctuary cities….

If all this stuff is new to you,…

– just go Google:   MS-13  – then click on images

MS 13 victim

Do you think we need a wall across our southern border?

UPDATE:   4:30 PM Friday 2 Dec 2916   Medical Examiner confirms the body is/ was Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino


Matthew Borges, a 16-year-old Lawrence resident



UPDATE:   Friday 31 March 2017   Borges pleads “Not Guilty”


UPDATE:   Good Friday, 14 April 2017  We should have expected the fabric of evil to unravel.  Or,…maybe Attorney Hayden is talking some sense into his client…  A second (yet unnamed) 16-year old teen has been arrested in Lawrence in connection to the beheading of Lee Viloria-Paulino.  So far the charges are minor – including witness tampering. He was released ROR – and ordered to attend school….

By way of reference,  this latest arrest comes just DAYS after 4 teens were found in a park in East Islip, NY (aka on Long Island) savagely stabbed and dismembered – MS-13 style.

3 Responses to “Sanctuary City? Decapitated Male Body!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Something else may have been at work, here, but shameful nonetheless…. But change the venue for a moment. Newsflash. Dateline Chicago. November, 2016. 389 shootings. 77 deaths…. Let’s hear it again for sanctuary cities?

  2. Panther 6

    MS 13 should be terminated with prejudice, all of them. As for Sanctuary Cities they should be illegal and all criminals who are illegal sent home, after they pay whatever debt they owe society.

  3. Joseph

    There were no hands to take fingerprints. As for sanctuary cities, these enclaves get allot of federal funds. The money will stop, crime and violence will skyrocket BEFORE their elected leadership follow the law.

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