Robert L. Williams: TEXAS BURN NOTICE!

Posted September 25th, 2017 by Iron Mike

There will be a lot of these videos over the next few days.  The NFL has set loose a firestorm of anger from ardent fans – by failing to deal with the problem when it started.

The NFL has survived strikes, lockouts, and referee lockouts,  – and always rebounded because the fans were essentially loyal.  Today the fans are pissed,  – at best….

The saddest and most ironic part of the whole protest movement is the misplaced anger.

These Black players live in a nation – and in a time era – when they can enjoy EVERY possible social and financial advantage – regardless of how poor they were as youngsters.

We’ve just had 8 YEARS of a BLACK PRESIDENT!  

And they’re trying to tell us they are ‘VICTIMS’?

This couldn’t happen in ANY other nation on earth.   Yet they’ve bought into the Democrat Party’s mythology of Black Victimhood – and they want to ‘make a statement’

The ‘statement they’re making is to spread the myth back to the hood,  where the next generation will buy into it.

Victims don’t bring about CHANGE;  – only those who grasp and use their opportunities make change.

6 Responses to “Robert L. Williams: TEXAS BURN NOTICE!”

  1. Lady in Pink

    Alejandro Villanueva being one of the few actual heros in the NFL, the following does not apply to him. Some comment that it is regrettable that President Trump inserted himself into this fiasco. I’m glad he did, and here’s why: Until yesterday, I thought the NFL owners were most likely patriotic Americans who just didn’t want to rock the boat by requiring their players to do the right thing on the owners’ time. Thanks to the President’s comments, I now know many of them are as lilly-livered, unpatriotic and ungreatful to our military as their protesting players. Having been an NFL fan since childhood, I’m now forced to ask: Tom who? Robert who? What Superbowl?

  2. Hawk1776

    Anyone who spends $450 on a team jacket should be considered a hard core fan. If he’s pissed off, think what the casual fan must feel. If the trend continues, the Patriot’s assessed value of $1.4B may turn into chump change.

  3. MC

    To be fair (so far) there are 6 teams where their entire teams have stood for the National Anthem.

    Cowboys, Cardinals, Bears, Vikings, Bengal and Jets. The Cowboys and Bears are playing this evening so we will see if that changes.

  4. Hawk1776

    The Cowboys play the Cardinals tonight. The Bears beat the “we’ll stay in the locker room Steelers” yesterday. I won’t watch tonight.

  5. Sonny's Mom

    Like they say… “RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!” Well Alejandro Villanueva showed us what that looks like and how it’s done. A Ranger veteran, and true to his word. I’m SOOO proud of that young man!

    Alejandro Villanueva  Ranger  Steeler

  6. Kojack

    I’m sure OBYSMAL is smiling about this. This is just one of the consequences of having 8 years of an Islamic, Marxist, divisive, anti-constitutional, DIS-qualified president. This is Obysmal’s legacy. Those kneeling players are his children. I hope the MORONS who bought into “the 1st black president” scam are satisfied. The issue of race was rarely discussed until that evil bastard got elected.

    I love watching pro-football but now I’m going to watch college ball until this changes. And that Patriots decal I was going purchase to put on my car? Forget it!