RIP You Wily Bastard!

Posted October 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Vo Nguyen Giap
dead at at 102.  A worthy and ruthless foe, he beat the Japs, the French, and us.  Well,…he DIDN’T beat us, – he let Walter Cronkite and the left-wingers do it…

7 Responses to “RIP You Wily Bastard!”

  1. Tom

    You realize that the majority has no idea who the departed general is and who he fought for? Unless they lived through it, they certainly did not learn about him in history class, but maybe in some left wing “great generals of the 20th century”.

  2. haddanuff

    a testament to “only the good die young”

  3. Hawk1776

    Tom makes an interesting point. I wonder how many people under 60 would recognize the name?

  4. Walter Knight

    Bad weeds are hard to kill. May he Rest In Piss.

  5. Walter Knight

    There’s a fourth war most people forget about. After we left Vietnam, the Vietnamese fought China over a border dispute. It must have been an intense fight, because Vietnam lost 15,000 troops.

    How ironic is that?
    And a 5th war Walter, when the Vietnamese finally had enough of the Khmer Rouge – went into Cambodia – and chased them all the way to the Thai border – where they killed off the survivors.

  6. Casey Chapman

    Well—-if they believe in Karma over there—–he’s getting his full justice down in hell right about now. Best thing is, he’s there for eternity, so the “fun” literally never ends.

  7. Paul J Baldi

    Back in the 90’s “American Spectator” ran an article about
    a museum in Hanoi dedicated to the great struggle for
    freedom as they called it. General Giap’s photo was there
    along with Jane Fonda manning the AA battery, and a certain
    US Navy officer testifying before the US Congress. Telling
    Congress about the “atrocities” he witnessed, the lying
    SOB. Giap thanked the American media and people like
    Fonda and Kerry and said that “without their efforts we
    (NVA) would not have won the war.” At least he was honest!