Rigging The Election – Video I

Posted October 17th, 2016 by Iron Mike

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have penetrated the dark operators working for the Clinton Cartel.weve-got-mentally-ill-people
If you ~ thought ~ the crap at Trump rallies was started by outside agitators,  – your instincts were correct.

Pay attention!   You’ll learn about bird dogging…and other dirty and illegal tricks.

You see,  Democrats cannot win anything without lying,  cheating,  and stealing!   

They are the party of crooks and cowards…

…and your average Democrat neighbor doesn’t really care….because they want to win – no matter who cheats or who gets hurt,…or even killed.

That’s why they don’t even want to hear about Hillary’s trail of dead bodies!

Benghazi Dead

3 Responses to “Rigging The Election – Video I”

  1. William Clark


    “The Donald” is still on the campaign trail has a two prong approach, battling with his “former self” the guy who denigrated women and actually has pick-up lines for pre-teen girls.

    And defending his “future self” the election loser of a rigged political process.

    Pence has stopped taking media interviews, looking to the next election, the water obviously got to heavy to carry.


    So,…all that smart-ass analysis Willie,….but no apology for your crooked party?

    That would make you part of the problem!

  2. Panther 6

    No doubt about the crookedness and lying in the demorat ranks. Today’s Wikileaks release with the note between the FBI and a pretty high up DOS gent to me should stink a dog off a gut wagon. But Hillary will skate on this one too. She is deplorable in her own right.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    HISTORIC !!! Introducing RabidRepublicanBlog’s very own troll, “William Clark”.