Rebel Alliance Does It, – A-G-A-I-N-!

Posted June 19th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The “Rebel Alliance” strikes back against Deval’s Evil Empire!
they did it again
Earlier this year the alliance collected 120,000 raw signatures to prod the Legislature to kill the “Automatic Gas Tax”. But the arrogant Democrat legislators decided to bluff – and did nothing.

So the Rebels needed an additional 11,400 signatures – by Wednesday – from people who had NOT signed the first go-round….

They DID it! They got 20,000 raw signatures, many still being cleared in your local town and city halls. The measure WILL be on the November ballot.

Our contemptible legislature passed the ‘automatic gas tax’ near midnight – before a 4-day weekend.

It was designed to give them plausible deniability for higher taxes in future years – – so they’d be able to tell the uninformed “Oh that, – yeah – that, – that was passed years ago,…before my time…”


**  the working poor – who often have to drive to their jobs 6 – even 7 days a week, – and often to TWO JOBS. They cannot work from home as many professionals do.

**  poorly educated folks – who barely understand how government works, – and certainly don’t understand how a tax can rise each January – ‘according to the CPI’.

In fact,…most college graduates can’t tell you what’s in the CPI….

…and of course the Democrats in the Legislature were totally counting on voter apathy and ignorance. It almost worked…

Rebel alliance

But the Rebels struck back.  And in a politics-weary year, – in a state which just had a special election,…somehow they collected enough signatures – twice!  Some voters are beginning to wake up.

Mind you, there other important issues swirling in the air;

– the anti-gun goons are trying to restrict your God-given rights again,

– Justina Pelletier was JUST released to her parents yesterday after a 480-day state kidnapping,

– there are Probation Department corruption trials going on,

– signatures were being collected for candidates – for the September Primary election.  It was a clipboard jungle out there some days…

– a high-profile murder case [Aaron Hernandez] ,

– and a high-profile terrorist murder trial – [Tsarnaev].

It was hard to get voter attention…. But they did!

If you signed the petitions: Thank You!

If you collected signatures: BIG Thank You!

One Response to “Rebel Alliance Does It, – A-G-A-I-N-!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I’ll believe it when I see it. The politicians on Bacon Hill will try to pull something again. Wait and see.