Rainbow Trout Face Death Panels; Lose

Posted October 20th, 2013 by Iron Mike

First wolves,  then owls,  – now fish have their lives in the hands of government bureaucrats.  Is there no end to the know-it-all arrogance of Democrats?good fish bad fish
Suddenly catch-&-release is no longer acceptable in the rivers and streams of Yellowstone.  If you catch a Rainbow Trout [deemed bad fishy] – you must kill it.   Please continue to release the Cutthroats…

WHERE is PETA and the GLBT Lobby?   Rainbow trout were introduced by sport fishing enthusiasts over 100 years ago. Fishing tourism is a major industry in the area.  But suddenly some know-it-all has decided the Rainbows are a danger?

The same government which INSISTS on teaching evolution and natural selection in our schools – to the point of excluding a discussion of Creation – or even a prayer at a football game….SUDDENLY wants to interject itself into the cycle of natural selection and survival of the fittest…and decide who will live and die.

Salazar Barred SpottedIt was just 18 months ago we were reporting on a similar case in the Northwest Woods – when Socialist Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar hired kill squads to go in and shoot Barred Owls – to save their smaller cousin – the Spotted Owls.

[Does Ken look like an owl himself?]

sheep killed for sportI’ll let others comment on the 20-year experiment of re-introducing wolves to Yellowstone – and their effect on cattle ranchers and sheepherders in the area.

Just know that sometimes wolves kill for sport….

So if government bureaucrats can decide which animal can live – or die – and where they can live,…how long before they start deciding about humans…?Death Panels 
What are the chances that ‘Government Experts’ will decide that illegal Mexicans are an invasive species?

2 Responses to “Rainbow Trout Face Death Panels; Lose”

  1. Tom

    We are waiting for the cry of outrage from Bruce Freidrich of PETA who should be marching on the Lamar River in Yellowstone to safe these victims of those fish killers. If the print and electronic media is silent, you will know it’s them.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Unfortunately, the formulas for deciding who lives and who dies have already been worked out. About 100 years ago or so over in England. By the Fabian Socialists. George Bernard Shaw, the guy who wrote the play that My Fair Lady is based upon, was one of them. You can find his views on You Tube, I’d bet. Pretty chilling stuff.