RACE RIOTS: Obama’s Eight-Year Legacy

Posted September 21st, 2016 by Iron Mike

A Black Cop in Charlotte shoots an armed Black man, – and the spring-loaded Black community erupts in riots – closing Interstate 85.
Obama, Holder, and Lynch have sold the concept of ‘racist cops’ and VICTIMHOOD so well that some young Blacks don’t even think to wait for an investigation, for eye-witnesses, – for video; – they just riot.

Keith Lamont Scott was allegedly waiting for his son to return from school when he was seen with a gun by a Black officer – Brentley Vinson.  Per Vinson,  Scott refused to drop it, and Vinson shot him.

Scott’s daughter Lyric then streamed the aftermath live on Facebook,  – igniting a firestorm.


Of course witnesses dispute that Scott was armed.  Some say he ‘was just reading a book’.  As of Wednesday morning,  we don’t know…

Do you remember when Obama denounced the Cambridge, Mass police as ‘stupid’ – without knowing all the facts?

Henry Louis Gates beer summit

His knee-jerk reaction was to blame white police officers, – and whether it was Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, or Sylville Smith, – Obama and his Just-US Department ALWAYS sided with the Black thug and against the police – EVEN WHEN the police officers were Black!


Before noon today, he’s likely to make yet another anti-police statement.


Whether he likes it or not,  Obama’s ‘Legacy’ has already been written, – – in rising debt,  – in millions unemployed,  – in tens of thousands slaughtered across North Africa and the Middle East,  – and in setting American race relations back to the late 1960s.

An entire generation of young Blacks have been betrayed – by a Black president.

After 8 years,  they’re spring-loaded and on a hair trigger to riot,  – because Obama never told them about better options.

Statement Wed AM by Chief Kerr Putney:

In other words,  once AGAIN,  Black youths in a major US city have reacted to a FALSE NARRATIVE about the death of a Black Man,  – and rioted!

UPDATE:  Wed night 21 Sept 2016   Second night of riotingone man has been shot and killed [so far it seems not by the police], – lots of pepper spray and tear gas.


Expect to see Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton by Thursday afternoon – this is where they make their blood money.


Most of the people rioting don’t believe that Keith Scott exited his car with a gun in his hand.  They’re rioting because for them it’s more natural to believe the false narrative

AND,  they refuse believe their Black police chief Kerr Putney;  – they see Black cops as being as much ‘out to kill them’ as White cops.

This is a situation which will hurt every person in Charlotte – which depends heavily on the convention business.  This will drive that business away – for years.

Remember most of these people rioting don’t have jobs,  – many never finished high school,  – and many see no hope for their live after 8 years of Obama…..

If you’re young, – this is what the race riots of the 1960s looked like….

Obama, Holder, and Lynch have worked their evil magic well,…they have inner-city Blacks ready to riot, spring-loaded and on a hair trigger.  It doesn’t take much to set them off,  – and the TRUTH be damned!

UPDATE:    Wed 30 Nov 2016    NO CHARGES against Officer Brentley Vinson!

“It is my opinion that Officer Vinson acted lawfully when he shot Mr. Scott,” Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray said at a news conference Wednesday in announcing his decision. “He acted lawfully.”

A team of 15 career prosecutors made the decision unanimously, Murray added.

3 Responses to “RACE RIOTS: Obama’s Eight-Year Legacy”

  1. Catherine

    *If* they ever wake up to the lies they have been force-fed for decades, I could almost find it in myself to pity the dhimmicrat leadership in every city, state, and the country at large when the backlash hits them.

  2. Mt Woman

    Obama has been such a national disaster that the Red Cross and FEMA should be called in with their response teams. He’s a disgrace at every level.

  3. Panther 6

    BO’s race legacy should be a lifetime disgrace for him but he doesn’t see it or care. Our black community needs some real leadership and soon. Remember ALL LIVES MATTER.