Quick Death By White Powder!

Posted May 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

If you drop your diamond bracelet into the toilet – you know it will be a messy process to retrieve it.   Unless…it’s a self-flushing toilet.

Fentanyl is the self-flushing drug that is taking more lives than auto accidents and gun accidents combined.  Your kids and grand-kids are at serious risk.

Frankly I didn’t shed a tear when Prince overdosed.  I’m too old to care about him or his music.  He used Fentanyl,  – i.e. he placed himself into a self-flushing toilet.

But in East Liverpool Ohio – the near-death of Police Officer Chris Green is a much different story.

He made a traffic stop.  He suspect a couple of drug dealers.  He called for back-up and the cops searched the car,  bagging evidence.

Later Chris noticed some white powder on his sleeve, and brushed it off.

That act nearly killed him. He’d already removed his rubber gloves, and the powder was Fentanyl – which can be absorbed by breathing, – and right through the skin!

He dropped, and it took 4 doses of Narcan to save him.  He’ll be returning to duty.  Thank God!

While LibTurd states like Massachusetts vote to legalize marijuana “…because it’s harmless and helps relieve pain…” – young people,  – i.e. young Know-it-Alls – are dropping like flies because the heroin and cocaine they’re using is being spiked with Fentanyl.

They are swimming in the self-flushing toilet!

How much can kill you?  A tiny bit!

In its prescription form, fentanyl is known by such commercial names as Actiq,  Duragesic, and Sublimaze.

Street names for fentanyl or for fentanyl-laced heroin include Apache, China Girl, China White, Dance Fever, Friend, Goodfella, Jackpot, Murder 8, TNT, and Tango and Cash.

The drug dealers selling Fentanyl know that it kills their customers.   They don’t seem to care, – maybe because they have so many new customers

Should selling Fentanyl be a Death Penalty crime?

Or,…are these Fentanyl dealers doing us a favor – by eliminating future Democrat voters and welfare recipients…?

One Response to “Quick Death By White Powder!”

  1. Marc

    Some folks, me included, consider these overdose deaths to be a means of thinning the herd that ought to be encouraged. I mean, every junkie eliminated via overdose is one less nuisance (at best) or menace loose out on the streets. I spent much of my life in the city and in my experience nothing did more harm to my quality of life there than the junkies. A pox on all of them…

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