Putin’s Russian Cannon-Fodder Dying In Syria

Posted February 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Once again young Russian troops are dying for the Czar’s ancient dream of a warm-water port.  Putin has been propping up the Assad regime in Syria so he can maintain access to the Syrian ports of Latakia and Tartus.

The Russians involved in the fighting are primarily mercenaries,  – most who don’t understand the bigger picture,  and think they’re fighting “Muslim Rebels”They’re really there to keep Assad in power.   When they tried attacking US positions,  – we killed hundreds.  Now their mommies are mad at Putin.

Putin’s long-term objective is to use the Syrian ports as submarine and surface ship bases – to ‘checkmate’ our 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean. 

Short-term he just wants to keep Assad in power, and keep Assad needing continued Russian assistance.

Putin couldn’t care less about Assad’s ‘human rights record’ – or how many innocent civilians he gasses. He JUST wants those ports….

The mercenaries work for shell companies, – the most active is “Wagner”,  – and they have been recruiting Russian veterans of the Ukrainian fighting from the Donbass area,  – since the action there has slowed down,  and Putin doesn’t really want these troublemakers back inside Russia….at least not until they’ve ‘proven’ their loyalty.

The problem you get when you put a rifle in the hands of peasants – and let them kill people,  – is they become accustomed to making their own decisions….

…something King George III became aware of in 1775…

This YouTube video has become popular in Russia….

This is Tartus – the Syrian port Putin wants:

So here we are in 2018 – still dealing with the mess that Obama,  and his two inept but ambitious traitorous presidential wannabes – Hillary and Kerry – left us in another deadly corner of the world.

And once again young men are dying because of the evil of ambitious but utterly inept politicians.   May God have mercy on their souls!

Obama would NEVER have let the generals drop bombs anywhere near the Russians; – he would have ordered a pull-out.

Trump is letting our bombs speak to HIS foreign policy.

8 Responses to “Putin’s Russian Cannon-Fodder Dying In Syria”

  1. Varvara


    Cyprus is near these ports. Do we have anything in Cyprus?


    Nothing really. We’ve been asking for 25 years,….we get to use certain facilities….

  2. MC

    Another great post – I had no idea what Putins underlying objective was. Now it all makes sense.

  3. Sherox

    Putin will soon learn how troublesome an angry mother can be.

  4. Kojack

    The Syrian Christian community in Syria and the ex-pat Syrian Christian community in the U.S. overwhelmingly back Assad. As a secular dictator, he is the best of the available options, all of which are bad.

  5. Vic

    Excellent coverage as usual Mike!

  6. Walter Knight

    We need to resist both Russia and Turkey in Syria. I’m hoping the Kurds get their own country.

  7. Panther 6

    Let’s hope the Kurd’s get their own country. They are our best friends over there. Putin and the Russkie’s definitely want those warm water ports and are willing to pay the price.

  8. Panther 6

    We have access to the British Sovereign base on Cyprus. Great support facility. Let’s hope one day the Kurd’s get their own country. They are our best friends over there. Putin and the Russkie’s definitely want those warm water ports and are willing to pay the price.

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