President Trump vs Crooked Hillary

Posted November 23rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Trump’s Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway told reporters Tuesday that Trump had ‘decided not to pursue criminal charges against Clinton,  – to let her heal’.  Patriots were shocked and disappointed.  It was as if he’d picked Romney for SecDef….
FEAR NOT oh ye Patriots longing for Justice;  – sit back and watch…

FIRST:   It was a clever move which in one sweep denies the left-wing media the ability to keep harping about “the vengeful Trump vendetta…”  If the President isn’t going after her – there’s no vendetta story to replay every day….

SECOND:  It may make both the Clintons and Obama believe it.  Here’s where it gets interesting….

If the Clintons believe Trump – they may not beg Obama for a Presidential Pardon – thinking they’re ‘off the hook’….

If Obama believes Trump – he may not grant one [asked or not] so as not to stain his legacy….

FURTHERMORE:   Obama has shown past associates very little respect or loyalty,  – he hurriedly buried Grandma 8 years ago,  – and old Chicago friends Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich are still in prison…..


But EVEN IF OBAMA grants the CLINTONS a PARDON….it can only dispense with any punishment for crimes.   He cannot waive forfeiture of ill-gotten gains or restitution to victims. (see Article III, § 3, para 2).

So even if they are summoned before Congress,  and sit there waiving their Obama pardons – they can still be compelled to testify under oath…..and can be punished if they fail to do so.

And all the while President Trump can point out that “…under our Constitution…Congress is a co-equal branch of Government……

with co-equal powers to investigate events and activities,  and with co-equal power to issue subpoenas and compel testimony…”….

And with a broad smile he can point out that while President Obama abused his office to suppress and hinder Congress by directing his SecState and Justice Department to foot-drag document production and stifle Discovery,…

president-trump…that the Trump White House intends to uphold the LAW and honor it’s obligations to co-operate with Congress as they conduct their Constitutional Duties….

…and “isn’t it too bad that those Clintons are still being investigated…?”

Trump is a pretty good judge of people;  – he may be fully content to watch Hillary drink herself to death as she dies of Parkinson’s Disease,  – and Bill dies slowly of Aids…

Folks,  – for these past 166 months the normal workings of our Congress have been stifled,  – first by Nancy Pelosi and Tom Daschel,  – then by Obama and Harry Reid,…and others.

Far too many so-called “Republicans” were spineless and gutless – refusing to stand up to tyranny.

Come January – with the start of the 115th Congress,  we can hope for a return to honest government, – and should the spineless hacks still prevail,  come 2018 we can unite to remove them – forever.




Even if Obama issues them a ‘blanket pardon’  – Congress can still refer their findings to the Justice Department for legal action.   The pardon ONLY keeps them out of prison for crimes committed prior to the pardon.

Lying to investigator or to Congress after January 20thwill still be a Federal Crime!

Do the Clintons even know how to tell the truth…?

And then there are the Arabs,…who are likely already demanding their money back,  and who may send very rambunctious collection agents to get it.


6 Responses to “President Trump vs Crooked Hillary”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    The Chinese (bless their commie souls….), have a saying: “May you live in interesting times”…..

  2. Panther 6

    Yes, we are living in interesting times and we can be thankful in some ways for that. As for the Clinton’s, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. The Donald yet may move on them in some fashion not visualized as of yet. Wait.

  3. FLICK

    I think any non-entitled productive American can relate to the old “Wait till your Father gets home” method of justice.

    The anticipation was often worse than the punishment.

    ‘Often,’ not always…

  4. Catherine

    The other piece here is that it is the Attorney General who goes after federal crimes, NOT the President. A good AG can hold off a couple months and then proceed after an “internal investigation” or “new FBI information no longer being suppressed” brings ever-more-egregious information to light.

    However, it will be up to US to pressure the legis-vermin in DC to do their duty and act for the country. Program the phone and fax numbers of your own legis-vermin as well as leaders and committee chairs into your phone and fax machines!

  5. Walter Knight

    The President doesn’t decide whether the Clintons are investigated and prosecuted. The FBI and Justice Department make that decision. President-elect Trump said as much, but the media twisted his words. Trump may decide not to ask Congress for a special prosecutor, but that is not the same as saying the Clintons will not be prosecuted, and their bribes not forfeited.

  6. Mt Woman

    Trump will not go after the Clinton’s, the foundation, their connections and pay for play etc, but this doesn’t mean that they are off the hook. As part of his new day in DC – DRAIN the swamp, the efforts and work product of all departments will again be focused and righted. Vendetta will no longer be tolerated. The Clinton’s will be rightly investigated by the appropriate agencies and without bias or intervention from the Executive branch will be assessed and judged as appropriate.

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