President Trump In Las Vegas

Posted October 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

You are not alone!  The souls of those who passed are now at Peace – in Heaven!”

Americans defied Death with Love and with Courage!”

Full visit: 3 hours long:

Folks, at moments like today – I am grateful beyond words that we have Donald Trump as our President – – and not Hillary Clinton!

He is one of US,…not an elitist lecturing to us or ranting for some meaningless gun control laws – which madmen like an Adam Lanza, – an Omar Mateen, – a Dylann Roof,  – or a Stephen Paddock will have totally ignore.

Pray for the victims, – but also pray for this President and his wife!

4 Responses to “President Trump In Las Vegas”

  1. Panther 6

    MIke; Agree in spades on The Donald being in the WH vice Hillary babe at this moment. He is one of us and a true patriot. Thank heavens for the VOTE last November.

  2. Catherine

    Very classy (as always, for her) for Mrs. Trump to be in black.

  3. Ben

    I cannot even imagine HRC giving a heartfelt speech that didn’t mention something about gun control. She is so phony its pathetic. She could not spew that plainly without patting herself on her back Your right Mike, he’s not all abut himself, talks from the heart.

  4. Panther 6

    The President did it very well all things considered – not fun situation to walk into. His detractors will always find fault.