Poor Virginia!

Posted November 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

The Government-owned slaves remained loyal to their masters;
          – voted for the cartel candidate.
 McAuliffe wins Virginia
Fox projecting that McAuliffe squeaks out a narrow win – leaving him totally beholding to Hillary and Obama.
See results map and the results of George Soros backing a ‘Libertarian’ stalking horse:

Soros Effect

Americans, – your Freedoms were bought with the blood, sweat, and tears of Patriots.

Now you’re letting a foreign-born socialist America-hater buy them back for mere pennies on the dollar – because you’re not paying attention!

6 Responses to “Poor Virginia!”

  1. Tom

    Mc Cauliffe the Clinton consigliere and fund raiser will be a place holder until Hillary runs in ’16 to deliver the state to the Dems.

  2. BillyO

    Just wanted to thank you, sir, for the great synopsis of our continued FUBAR strategy in world affairs last night at the MARA meeting. (Thanks for the tips on how to falsify my credentials to get an EBT “Platinum” card of my own…). It is immoral to use our blood and treasure for wars that we are not committed to win…and I mean decisively…we had the men and military prowess during the 20th century. We could have saved the world a lot of pain in every conflict after WWII if we had just utilized all of the tools we had available to us. We have allowed our great nation to be infiltrated by Marxists when most of the precursors to this disease could have been seriously curtailed…you cant infiltrate a government if you have failed to exist and your ideology is guaranteed to have its arse kicked with a red white and blue boot.

  3. Hawk1776

    A very unfortunate outcome for Virginia. It illustrates that you can’t legislate against stupidity.

  4. Casey Chapman

    You can’t fix stupidity, but you Can send it to Harvard, apparently.

  5. Walter Knight

    And then there is Chris Christie, the GOP’s next presidential candidate. Get used to the idea, it’s going to happen. He’s our last best chance against Hillary Clinton

  6. Varvara