PANIC Sets Into Democrat Circles!

Posted September 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

With Hillary down, – and maybe dying,…all their vote-rigging to steal the election for her is for naught….
Is there time for them to re-rig the election for someone else?
If so, – for whom?   I don’t think Little Timmy is their man….

One Response to “PANIC Sets Into Democrat Circles!”

  1. Claire Bonnafe please read and look at video. He is spot on . I’m a retired RN with 30 years working in long term care, and these are the same symptoms I would see in my Parkinson’s patients. The cough for one signify so her inability to handle and swallow THIN liquids such as own saliva or water. This leads to aspiration pneumonia and dehydration. Please watch this makes it all clear.

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