Our Weakened Navy: Unready For Evil

Posted March 28th, 2014 by Iron Mike

In the name of Equal Opportunity – an American Sailor –  Petty Officer Mark Mayo was murdered.  Our Politically Correct Navy is hiding the details.
RIP Mark Mayo

His killer,  Jeffrey Tyrone Savage, – seemingly from nowhere and with [so far] no publicly revealed motive was killed by security forces. 

Savage, a 35 year old truck driver from Chesapeake, VA drove his truck cab onto the base – parked it – proceeded to the docked destroyer USS Mahon – disarmed the female sailor on watch [guard duty] – then used her pistol to kill Mayo who charged to her aid.

Jeffrey Tyrone SavageSavage was already a killer! 

He’d served time in North Carolina for voluntary manslaughter – and was released 30 Dec 2009.   Ten years earlier he’d done jail time for heroin possession.

Somebody allowed Savage to drive onto the Navy Base with a TWIC [Transportation Worker Identity Credential] issued by the Transportation Security Administration [the same clowns who pat down your kids at the airport]. 

TWIC SampleBy itself the TWIC should NOT have gotten Savage past the gate, – so the Navy needs to explain if they have trained sailors or rent-a- guards manning their gates at night.

And strangely, in our era of Political Correctness – you can get a TWIC even if you’ve got a criminal record.  The ‘guidance‘ is that you need to be out of prison for at least 5 years, – but that can be waived!

So in the interest of providing a good job to a twice-convicted felon – Savage was issued a TWIC card. 


Under President Obama our military forces have been degraded and weakened in many ways.   First he overturned DADT – allowing gays to serve openly [flagrantly], even in sensitive positions.  

Next he opened combat slots to women – willingly degrading combat effectiveness of units in exchange for feminist votes. 

Now PT standards are being adjusted because women are failing PT tests.

The Honor Code is so broken that Air Force and Navy Officers in charge of nuclear weapons have been relieved even while gay service personnel hold public exibitions.



Were there multiple rings of security between the public highway and the Mahon’s gangplank?

Were these well-schooled / well-trained / well-armed Navy personnel, – or rent-a-guards?

What security training did the female watch sailor have?  

What physical barriers were between her and the approaching killer?

Was she essentially a technician – assigned perfunctory watch duty while the Mahon was in a “safe navy base”?

Is this female sailor black?   If so, – did that cause her to relax her guard as she was  approached by a black man?

What was the size / weight differential between the female sailor ‘on Watch’ – and the killer who took her pistol?

Petty Officer Mayo died defending his ship and his shipmates.  He should get a posthumous promotion and an award for bravery. 

But his death was probably unnecessary, and our military services and our Congress better stop looking at military service and military duty as an AA/EEO superhighway – and start to understand that EACH and EVERY DAY can be a life-or-death situation.  

We should not be trying to defend our nation with under-sized, under-powered, and under-trained Affirmative Action wannabes – or we will be conquered by armies and navies of real soldiers and real sailors.
Chinese Troops

2 Responses to “Our Weakened Navy: Unready For Evil”

  1. dannap

    Hey Mike, I believe the ship is the USS Mahan. It’s named after the Mahan family, my backdoor neighbors. Their family has a long heritage of service in the US Navy.

    USS Mahan – US Navy

    She was named after Alfred Thayer Mahan – 1840 – 1914, USNA Class of ’59 – forward thinking strategic visonary who shaped our naval strategy and our geo-political thinking – making possible our victories in the Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII.


  2. Casey Chapman

    It is sad, to think that the questions you posted above are even necessary. We used to be a super power, with the rag heads trembling. Now they laugh at us.