Our Domestic Enemies Are At It Again!

Posted August 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Monday’s victim was the 93-year old statue of a simple Confederate Soldier,  – erected in 1924 to memorialize their brave fight in a lost cause.  Few Confederate soldiers actually owned any slaves.

But the new brand of American Communists need targets for their hate-filled rabble-rousing, – and their targets this year are Trump,  the Confederacy,  Cops,  and White People in general.

On Monday the ring-leader was 22-year old Black student Takiya Thompson,  who climbed the statue and affixed a tow-strap.

Tuesday she was arrested.  I wonder if her family has the money to pay for the damages?

Folks, – don’t dismiss these acts as mere vandalism – or ‘misdirected college youths’.

This is a highly organized – Soros-funded / Soros directed attack on America Herself,  – on our history, our institutions, and our values.

If they can make you believe – in any small way – that you have been leading a racist life,  – they begin to weaken the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

Slowly but surely over these past 30 or 40 years – the Democrat Party – which was founded to protect slavery – has been morphing into the Communist Party, – under a dozen different names and logos.


These kids are easy pickings – easy recruits for Commies,  – because they learned NOTHING about the history of Communism in their high schools.

Their high school teachers glossed over the 20th Century – as if it was all about Women’s Equality and Global Warming.

Not ONE of the kids involved in that vandalism could tell you ANYTHING about the Civil War,  – or about the Russian and Chinese Revolutions.

As dangerous as these ignorant kids are to our future;  – the greatest threat to America’s future remains union teachers in our Public Schools!

Who else do you think nurtured a brazen thug like Takiya?

7 Responses to “Our Domestic Enemies Are At It Again!”

  1. Robby G.

    Okay you may hate me for this but…

    Confederate symbols are a symbol of TREASON. The Confederate flag should have been removed publicly years ago – not essentially because they represent racism, but that they represent treason. This goes way beyond race… it also involves the USA and CSA in my opinion.

    This is just the beginning. The way these tool bags are going about against it is wrong and their behavior is totally out of control. But I have to ask…why were these statues and flags erected in the first place? I had an ancestor fight for the North during our Civil War and I consider Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson to be treasonous bastards to be quite frank. They should be shamed just liked Benedict Arnold.

    I understand it was a Civil War and that complicates things. Don’t get me wrong – I am a huge supporter of our President but today I think he was totally off base. He may have spoke the truth, but he was very angry and did nothing to solve the situation. He made it much, much worse.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps we are in a civil political ideology emergency in this country that we cannot recover from. That is my worst fear.

    God, I hope our country can heal our wounds and get back to focus on the real problems. Because right now we are in a world of SHIT.
    Nobody is hating you Robby….

    There are many ways of looking back at our 154-year old Civil War, – but when it was over the Rebel Leaders were pardoned and Confederate Soldiers were sent home – with their individual weapons.

    The Reconstruction did more racial damage than the war itself – and it’s not being taught in the schools – so kids grow up with no clue.

    The Rebel symbols have morphed over time to signify Southern Pride – and the memories of relatives who died on unnamed battlefields – and like as not left to rot where they fell.

    Nothing about the Rebel Flag – the Stars and Bars – really was about Slavery – it was more a symbol of defiance to the Federal Government.

    Back then there were people poised to ram their views down Southern throats – in EXACTLY the same way Democrats rammed ObamaCare down our throats. The South seceded in 1861, while we grumped and accepted ObamaCare. Maybe they had more courage…?

  2. Flyboy

    This is why we need to elect some people who will stand up for the 90% of the Americans who are sick of this crap. http://www.change4mass.com

  3. BEN

    Too bad they did away with the draft. Maybe we would have more discipline.

  4. Hawk1776

    By order of Congress, Confederate veterans are considered to be US service members. Some people look at Confederate monuments and lament the passing of the southern way of life. Others look at them and reflect upon the horrors of our Civil War. Lee, Jackson and others were honorable men who fought for what they believed in, sometimes reluctantly.

    I find it impossible to believe that 150 years after the Civil War ended there was a spontaneous uprising among the masses to eradicate all traces of the Confederacy. These protests are planned by a very small minority who use social media to spread their message. Are they sponsored by George Soros? I’d like to know.

    Trump raised an interesting point when he identified Washington and Jefferson as slave owners and questioned whether their monuments will also be torn down. He asked “where will this end”?

    I live in North Carolina now and see the occasional Confederate flag flying in some yards. IMO it’s a right of home ownership. When I see a Black Power or BLM poster I don’t like it, but it’s the owners right to expression. Neither case is cause for violence.

    The MSM’s treatment of Trump on this issue has been absolutely vicious. It couldn’t have been worse if Trump drove the car into the crowd himself. The MSM and social media are fueling most of this artificial outrage. It has to stop.


    Very well stated Hawk! Thank you!

  5. Kojack

    IRON MIKE – You should write an “AMERICAN HISTORY FOR USEFUL IDIOTS BOOK”. Excellent post and excellent reply to ROBBY. Thank you for teaching what the union school teachers won’t and for giving the younger generation different perspectives concerning the American Civil War.

    ROBBY G – The individuals that these monuments represent had more dimensions to them than the MSM and the advocates of revisionist history will admit. For example, Robert E. Lee, arguably the greatest general the U.S. ever produced, was against secession and argued against it before the war. He also abhorred slavery but in the end felt that he had to side with his family, friends and state when it came down to choosing sides.

    HAWK – I’ve always admired southern culture, it is uniquely American. I experienced a little of it during my time at Fort Benning. Your statement about the civil monuments echoes my sentiments.

    Regarding the removal of these monuments, we are watching a replay of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution. This is a dangerous road we are going down.

  6. Sonny's Mom

    Fortunately Durham, NC has a law against damaging public monuments. The destruction of the statue was filmed, and there’s some nice, clearly video out there that will aid with facial recognition of Thompson’s little comrades. More arrests to come.

  7. Panther 6

    Great thread of commentary and I must thank Iron Mike for again standing up and saying what needed to be said.

    As for Robby he is wrong. Lee and Jackson were not traitors. The question of whether or not, for whatever reason, a State could leave the Union had never been challenged nor addressed so the question was open – the War settled that question. Marse Robert did not support slavery and had freed his slaves just before the Emancipation Proclamation,,,Which by the way did not free the slaves per se, only those in States challenging the right to secede. Wonder is Robby knows how many free black slave owners there were in the country before the war? Google it Robby.

    Hawk 1776 is also correct, by LAW all Confederate soldiers, sailors and Marines are now recognized by Federal Law as US Military Veterans. Tearing down statues is tantamount to violating a veterans symbol. Just sayin!!!!!