Our Bumbling Hashtag Traitors

Posted April 26th, 2014 by Iron Mike

As he outbluffs and outmaneuvers Obama and Kerry, you just know that Putin is having a ball embarrassing and humiliating them.
Hashtag fools

When we should have been strong – they were weak; – then they weakened us further. Where we should be sending troops – a lot of them – we’re cutting our military and sending # # # #!

That is certain to impress Putin, the Iranian Twelvers, al Qaeda, the drug lords, the NorKs, and the Chinese.

2 Responses to “Our Bumbling Hashtag Traitors”

  1. Walter Knight

    Military action should have been used to destroy Assad’s air force, allowing the Free Syrian Army to liberate Syria, and deny Russia their Syrian naval base. But no, Russian propaganda painted the Free Syrian Army as Al Qaida terrorists instead of freedom fighters, a ploy even you still fall for.

    Senator McCain was right in Syria, just as he was right in Libya to help kill our old enemy Kadaffi. It was mostly the French that had the balls to use military force giving us a small victory in Libya by default.

    Whether it’s Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, or Syria, we need to support our allies and fight our enemies. There will always be a low grade civil war in Middle East countries. Islamic terrorists have declared war on America with Russian support, but we only fight back with drones.

  2. Casey Chapman

    We have communist czars in the administration, and a Leninist pResident. It’s all a part of their S.O.P.